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Fremont man sentenced to prison for drug charges, escaping house arrest
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Fremont man sentenced to prison for drug charges, escaping house arrest

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Todd Schreck


A 55-year old Fremont man was sentenced on Monday in Dodge County District Court to eight to nine years in the Nebraska State Penitentiary for selling methamphetamine, drug possession and escaping his house arrest.

Todd A. Schreck pleaded guilty to two separate charges of possession of a controlled substance and an additional separate charge of escaping while under house arrest in March. In court Monday, he pleaded no contest to delivery of a controlled substance.

In late June 2020, investigators with the Fremont Police Department’s III Corps Drug Task Force met with a confidential informant who had arranged a drug transaction with Schreck.

The investigators witnessed the informant, who was wearing a wire, meet with Schreck, who handed the informant a baggie in exchange for money. On Jan. 7, they were notified by the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab that the bag contained meth.

On Aug. 20, 2020, FPD officers were called to a disturbing the peace complaint, as Schreck was banging on the door of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment. After he was placed under arrest, a pipe containing meth was found in his pocket.

On Dec. 8, 2020, a Dodge County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled Schreck over for driving with expired plates. During a probable cause search, law enforcement found a glass bong, meth and digital read scale.

On Dec. 11, 2020, Dodge County Corrections received information that the GPS monitor for Schreck, who was on house arrest, was not working. DCSO corrections officials attempted to call Schreck several times and visited his reported residence, where he found to not be staying at.

Although Schreck previously pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, he withdrew the pleas from the August and December incidents and pleaded guilty on March 22.

During sentencing, Schreck’s attorney said her client was ready to accept responsibility and move on with the plea deal of prison time.

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“I’ve got a monster inside me called methamphetamine,” Schreck said. “It’s destroyed me.”

Schreck said he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life incarcerated and was committed to turning his life around.

“There’s nobody else to blame,” he said. “We could sit here and we could talk about being outlaws or we could talk about this and that, but I’m held responsible for my actions.”

Hall said Schreck’s plea deal was “fair” and that he had reached rock bottom.

“Accept that fact, accept that you’re powerless over this addiction, and the only way you’re going to change it is through hard work,” Hall said. “You can’t dabble in it.”

Hall sentenced Schreck to two to three years in prison for the drug delivery charge and two years in prison on each of the three additional charges to be run consecutively.

For credit previously served, Schreck was given 34 days credit for the first drug possession charge, 150 days credit for the house arrest escape charge, one day credit for the second drug possession charge and 81 days credit for the drug delivery charge. He must serve a minimum of one year on each charge.

“You need to make the determination that you’re going to change, and if you do that, you can enjoy the last chapters of your life,” Hall told Schreck. “Don’t waste this opportunity.”

In other district court news on Monday:

  • Cole N. Barnhart, 23, of Omaha was sentenced to three to four years in the Work Ethic Camp in McCook for violating the conditions of his drug court bond. On March 19, 2018, Barnhart pleaded guilty to delivery of a controlled substance and was bonded into the Dodge County Adult Drug Court in March 2018. However, a motion to terminate Barnhart’s bond was made on May 19 after he admitted to drinking alcohol continuously since last January. He admitted to violating the condition and was unsatisfactorily terminated from the drug court program. Barnhart was given credit for 95 days previously served and must serve a minimum of one-and-a-half years.
  • Sean P. Huckaby, 20, of Fremont was sentenced to three years in prison for violating the conditions of his probation. On Dec. 28, 2020, Huckaby was sentenced to 30 months of intensive supervised probation after pleading guilty to attempted burglary and no contest to possession of a controlled substance. However, a motion to revoke Huckaby’s probation was filed on Feb. 25 after he failed to make contact with his new probation officer in Omaha. Huckaby subsequently failed to appear in court on March 29 and a bench warrant was placed for his arrest. He admitted to violating his probation and was sentenced to three years in prison for his burglary charge and two years for his drug possession charge to run concurrently. Huckaby was given credit for 129 days previously served for the first charge and 148 days for the second. He must serve a minimum of one-and-a-half years on the first charge and one year on the second. Huckaby was also ordered to nine months of post-release supervision following his sentence.
  • Rebecca C. Bacon, 41, of Fremont was sentenced to two years in the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for possession of a controlled substance. On Jan. 28, investigators with the FPD III Corps Drug Task Force searched a Fremont house after obtaining a warrant. During the search, investigators found a baggie of meth in Bacon’s purse as well as in her bedroom. Bacon, who had been staying at the house for several weeks, admitted to using the drug in the last two days. On May 3, Bacon pleaded no contest to the drug possession charge. Deputy Dodge County Attorney Thomas Gross said the state was seeking a prison sentence due to Bacon’s lengthy criminal record, refusal to submit to drug testing or take responsibility and her statements that she would continue to use drugs if placed on probation. Bacon’s attorney said his client had accepted responsibility, had previously successfully completed probation and was currently searching for a job. However, Hall said Bacon hadn’t accepted her actions and had no drive for the privilege of probation. Bacon was given credit for 67 days previously served and must serve a minimum of one year.
  • Dennis L. Elsey, 70, of Fremont was sentenced to 30 months of ISP and 60 days in jail for driving under the influence. On March 13, 2020, an FPD officer witnessed Elsey drive over areas of grass several times. After pulling Elsey over, the officer smelled an odor of alcohol and saw a bottle of vodka in the car. Elsey was placed under arrest after failing a preliminary breath test. On Jan. 25, he pleaded guilty to a third-offense DUI charge. Gross said the state was seeking a prison sentence, as it was concerned for the safety of the public with Elsey continuing to drink and drive. Elsey’s attorney said he had known his client for years and that with his health issues, prison would be a “death sentence.” He also said Elsey was a “classic alcoholic” and had successfully completed probation and inpatient treatment. Elsey said he had “renewed (his) commitment to the Lord” and was committed to changing his life. Hall said although he wasn’t impressed by Elsey’s record, he was convinced that probation would help him. Along with the probation and jail sentence, Hall also revoked Elsey’s driver’s license for five years and ordered him to take part in 60 hours of community service and to pay a $1,000 fine. Elsey must also be monitored for alcohol use for 60 days and abstain for 120 days. He was given credit for 19 days previously served in jail and must serve at least 38 days. “It’s time,” Hall told Elsey. “You need to find it in yourself to make these changes.”

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