Real Estate Transfers

The Rawhide Land Partnership to Daniel L. Johnson and Sherryl A. Johnson, Country Club Estates Fifth Addition, Lot 1, Block 4, Fremont, $29,000.

Gary J. Kremlacek, personal representative of the Lavern Schauer Estate, to Gary J. Kremlacek, 2256 Rosedale Road, Fremont.

AMS Investments LLC to Matthew Shepard and Amy Moore, 1840 E. Second St., Fremont.

Matthew M. McCurdy to Ariana Traynor, 1135 N. Pierce St., Fremont, $120,000.

Thomas E. Matteo and Mary J. Matteo to Amayrani Garcia Cruz, 1336 N. Park Ave., Fremont, $165,000.

Clayton M. Ingersoll to Diane L. Wiese and Viola F. Wunder, 3015 N. Laverna St., Fremont, $168,000.

Yvonne K. Jessen, trustee of the Yvonne K. Jessen Revocable Trust dated Sept. 16, 2016, to David LeBaron and Irma LeBaron, 1762 Austin Lane, Fremont, $127,000.

Paul and Donna Eveland to Leavitt Lane Farm LLC, the east one-half of Section 32, Township 18 North, Range 7 East of the 6th P.M., Dodge County.

Jeffrey D. Peck and Gina Peck to Kurtis H. Peck and Renee Peck, 448 E. Ninth St., Fremont, $39,000.

Aaron D. Peck and Kiley Peck to Kurtis H. Peck and Renee Peck, 448 E. Ninth St., Fremont.

Ed Miller and Sherri R. Miller to Kurtis H. Peck and Renee Peck, 448 E. Ninth St., Fremont.

Kurtis H. Peck and Renee Peck to Kurtis H. Peck and Renee Peck, 448 E. Ninth St., Fremont.

Patrick K. Timmins and Michelle L. Timmins to Larry Kumm and Nicole Kumm, 1436 N. Maxwell St., Fremont, $144,900.

Theresa Wilkerson to Bruce and Theresa Wilkerson, 301 Seventh St., Scribner.

Korey J. Janata and Marla F. Janata to Gabriel Z. Cummings and Jessica Madeline Cummings, 516 N. Pine St., Dodge, $39,500.

John L. Anthony to Wayne A. Parsons and Blanca E. Ruiz, 242 N. Spruce St., Dodge.

Gary L. Morris and Debra K. Morris to Mark P. Miller, 102 E. Locust St., Nickerson, $30,000.

Dennis D. Einspahr and Helen Einspahr to Randall A. Brand and Peggy J. Brand, 1308-1310 Ohio and 1322-1324 Ohio St., Fremont, $350,000.

Mick L. Rahlfs and Heather J. Rahlfs to Tanner A. Dowty, 1907 N. Keene Ave., Fremont.

Drew A. Smith and Jess Smith to Alfredo M. Lopez and Esperanza Lopez Morales, 238 W. 12th St., Fremont, $160,000.

Christopher Hotzler and Ashley Hotzler to CMAV LLC, 3316 Cherrywood Drive, Fremont, $364,000.

Mark K. Stuehmer and Kelli M. Stuehmer to Kelli M. Stuehmer, 625 County Road K, North Bend.

Somers Point Apartments II LLC to Housing Authority of the City of Fremont, Lot 2, Somers Point Subdivision, Fremont.

Jenice R. Wolfe to John Peterson, 610 N. Irving St., Fremont, $153,000.

Albert Wehmeyer and Helene Wehmeyer to Scarlet Blank, Arnold Wehmeyer and Patricia Zrust, 216 N. Cherry St., Nickerson.

Deborah A. Culig to D.O. Larsen, 422 W. Sixth St., Fremont.

Stephanie A. Vyhlidal and Andrew J. Beckman to Stephanie A. Beckman and Andrew J. Beckman, 331 W. Eighth St., North Bend.

Tamara A. Croft, Joseph Ray Bergmanis, Jane Perry and John C. Bergmanis to Tamara A. Croft, 2010 N. Somers Ave., Fremont.

Janet L. Brabec, trustee of the Janet L. Brabec Survivor Trust, to Janet L. Brabec, trustee of the Janet L. Brabec Charitable Trust, 1047 Ohio St., Fremont.

James A. Sindelar and Nancy A. Sindelar to Mickey Nielsen and Lisa Nielsen, 1639 Morningside Road, Fremont, $95,000.

Kristin A. Worcester nka Kristin Jones and Raymon T. Jones to Jose A. Cabezas Alfaro and Delmy Calderon Rodriguez, 2019 N. Lincoln Ave., Fremont, $153,000.

James J. Snyder Jr. to Christian Duane Sempek and Samantha Marie Viers, 1790 N. Logan St., Fremont, $149,000.

Chad C. Kruse and Yelena V. Kruse to Murray Property Management LLC, 1225 W. Military Ave., Fremont, $92,500.

J. Marlin Brabec, trustee of the J. Marlin Brabec Revocable Trust executed June 2, 2017, and Marla E. Brabec, trustee of the Marla E. Brabec Revocable Trust executed June 20, 2017, to Winnetoon LLC, 309-311 E. Eighth St., Fremont, $85,000.

J. Marlin Brabec and John G. Brabec, co-trustees, to Winnetoon LLC, 1142 E. Third St., Fremont, $65,000.

Elemetal Fabrication LLC to Fabrication Holdings LLC, 1400 Railroad St., Fremont, $248,955.

Charles R. Bundy and Kathleen M. Bundy to Brian Villwok and Dana Villwok, 2125 N. Broad St., Fremont, $178,000.

David M. Ludwig and Diane M. Ludwig to David L. Thernes and LaRae S. Thernes, 1287 Piedmont Drive, Nickerson, $672,800.

Jason M. Keenan and Melissa Ann Keenan to John Korpi and Bobbi Korpi, 1749 N. C St., Fremont, $123,000.

Kerry Feld, attorney at law, to H Rentals of Fremont LLC, 220 S. Downing St., Fremont, $97,000.

John A. Hickman and Rebecca L. Hickman to JSDL LLC, 3231 N. Broad St., Fremont, $425,000.

Leslie J. Gitt, personal representative of the estate of Larry L. Gitt, deceased, to 1st Street Mall LLC, 408-424 E. First St., Fremont, $525,000.

Daniel W. Roberts and Janet M. Roberts to Thomas J. Ondracek and Christine M. Ondracek, 1937 E. 16th St., Fremont, $270,000.

Duane A. Panning and Lori J. Panning to Bradley D. Panning, an undivided two-thirds interest in the north half of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter, Section 25; and that part of the south half of the northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of Section 25, lying east of the Elkhorn River, Dodge County.

Matthew Schott to Brittany Wilcoxen, 240 S. Grant St., Fremont, $123,000.

Patricia L. Sweet to Ellen Elizabeth Troudy, 130 S. Howard St., Fremont, $150,000.

Douglas Gist to Eric Kevin Lee Stork, 701 Main St., Scribner, $99,900.


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