Lorraine Janecek lives in a doll house.

Not the miniature toy house that has been a favorite of girls for years, but a home filled with dolls of many kinds.

Janecek, who lives in Dodge, was about 5 years old when an aunt gave her a baby doll and a buggy for Christmas. The doll has a composition head and a cloth body. Janecek would come home from school for lunch and play with the doll.

"She was my little baby. I'd set her in the chair and talk to her. I played with her a lot," Janecek said.

Years passed. Janecek grew up and got married. She and her husband, Bill, have a son, Lee, and daughters, Gail and Julie, and seven grandchildren. Lorraine was employed at Clarkson Bank before working at Farmer's State Bank in Dodge for almost 30 years.

Her doll collecting began about four decades ago. She and her spouse were at a sale, where they bid on a 125-year-old doll with a china head and a leather body.

They got the doll - the first of what would become a collection of more than 200.

Today, Janecek's dolls are displayed in cabinets and on shelves in her home. A couple rest on a bed. Some adorn a dresser top. Others have found comfortable spots in a bedroom or living room corner.

She has brush dolls - those that look like they have a little broom for a skirt - and pin cushion dolls. She has dolls designed by artist Yolanda Bellow and fashion designer Bob Mackie and a host of Barbie dolls. She has dolls from different countries, including Hungary, Mexico and Sweden.

Her collection includes tassel dolls, storybook dolls and those advertising businesses like Campbell Soup.

Janecek said she's bought dolls from auctions. She's purchased others while on trips.

"If I found a doll that really struck me, I'd buy it," she said.

She's ordered some dolls from magazines and people have given her some as well.

Janecek said she treasures a doll she got from the Rev. Earl Underwood, former pastor at New Zion Presbyterian Church in Clarkson. Underwood, now from Fremont, gave Janecek a Flossy Flirt doll that had belonged to his aunt. The doll has a composition face and cloth body and wears a peach-colored dress.

Family members have given her dolls, too. A brother sent her a doll from Japan. A sister-in-law gave her a Jacqueline Kent doll named Auntie Emm. The doll resembles an elderly woman and carries a basket of what look like yeast rolls.

Janecek chuckles when she sees the doll which has its own place in the kitchen.

"I have to laugh. She's not very pretty, but she's cute," Janecek said.

The area woman still has the Shirley Temple paper doll that an aunt gave her years ago. The two-piece doll is about 36 inches tall and has paper clothes.

"I played with a lot of paper dolls," she said.

Along with her old-time dolls, Janecek has more modern ones. She has a Princess Diana doll and a Michelle Obama one.

And she's getting a Princess Catherine doll decked out in her wedding dress.

Janecek has plans for her dolls.

"My daughters and daughter-in-law will get their choices after we're gone," she said.

Then she wants them to get a good auctioneer - one who understands and knows dolls - to sell the rest.

She wants them to go to good homes.

In the meantime, she is enjoying her dolls.

"I just like them," she said. "I think they just make me happy."

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