Fremont Public Schools

Grant Elementary School welcomed special guests on Friday morning: Dads.

For its annual Donuts with Dads event, the school welcomed students’ fathers to spend the morning eating breakfast, chatting and taking a walk around the track outside.

Children also welcomed grandfathers and other family members when fathers were unavailable attend.

In total, there were 176 children and visitors, according to Diane Brown, the treasurer for the Grant Elementary School PTA, which organized the event.

“It’s just a nice time for the kids to come and be proud of their school and show off their dads,” Brown said. “It’s a proud moment for these kids.”

It was especially important to see the strong turn out from fathers and other family members in the community.

“It’s just really cool to see how many dads take that 20 minutes out to spend with their kids in the morning,” she said.

Brown said that one of the school’s main goals is to encourage “free family fun,” to give families the opportunities to stay connected with what’s going on at their kids’ schools.

“It’s just trying to get them to see that school isn’t a scary place,” Brown said. “Even though you drop your kids off, they’re really proud of what they’re doing every day here.”

Grant Elementary Principal Brent Cudley said it was important for families to stay involved in their children’s school experiences.

“There was a lot of smiles, a lot of happy faces this morning, that’s for sure,” he said. “By involving families, making them feel welcome in our schools, I think it makes a better environment for all of us.”

Brown added that the donuts are always a hit for the kids as well.

In a few weeks, the school will hold a similar event for mothers called Mornings with Moms.


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