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Hayley Lambley

Adopted from the internationally bestselling novel by Kevin Kwan, massive box-office success "Crazy Rich Asians" was an adventure of a film. Boasting the first all-Asian cast of a major motion flick in 13 years, it is an engrossing and entertaining romantic comedy.

"Crazy Rich Asians" is about as self-explanatory as a movie title can get. While main character Rachel Wu is fairly middle class herself, she soon comes to realize that there’s a lot she doesn’t know about her boyfriend and his family - things he neglected to tell her until they were an unavoidable reality.

Rachel’s boyfriend, Nick Young, and his family are not just wealthy, but profoundly wealthy. Given any amenity or service in the world they could want and more, Rachel and Nick had lived completely opposite lives in New York than the absolute luxury Nick’s family enjoyed in Singapore.

Completely posh in every sense of the world, Nick’s parents are also extremely traditional. His mother does not approve of Rachel, finding her unrefined. This friction ignites the rising conflict of the film like a fire, making the film even more inviting.

Rachel struggles to prove herself to Nick’s judgmental and stern mother (Eleanor Sung-Young), and prove herself she must. As she maneuvers through a world of excess and tries relentlessly to meet Eleanor’s wild expectations, the romantic comedy unwinds itself and pulls watchers into an engrossing plot.

Although, in its exposition, "Crazy Rich Asians" lulled the audience with a slow buildup of events. As the film progresses, it grows not only in humor and drama but also in its message.

"Crazy Rich Asians" paints meaningful themes of evolving with the times, love versus wealth, and appreciation of heritage and culture; and it does so in stunning locations across Singapore. The gorgeous visuals, locations, and landscape of the film rendered it even richer and more inviting. Some sets were just about masterpieces to the eye, such as the fantastic wedding scene in particular.

The filmmakers’ choice to have an all-Asian cast in this major motion picture is a monumental step for Hollywood in the path to representation and diversity. Its star-studded cast includes renowned actors such as Ken Jeong, Awkwafina and Constance Wu.

Having had such extreme success, it serves to set an example of representation in Hollywood, catering to a minority so often underrepresented. The cast was a phenomenally charismatic mixture of actors and actresses that so greatly played on each others’ strengths.

This movie should encourage movie-lovers to look toward the future of Hollywood films and hope to see a wide door of diversity open-up. There are many different stories to tell, and "Crazy Rich Asians" happened to tell us a crazy good one.


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