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With summer quickly approaching, many parents are left wondering: Is my child ready to stay home alone?

Inevitably every child reaches an age where they no longer need a babysitter, and for parents who aren’t sure if their child has reached that point yet, or want to ensure their kids are safe while alone at home, Methodist Fremont Health and Three Rivers Public Health Department have partnered together to offer a class that will help prepare kids for that step towards independence.

Methodist Fremont Health and Three Rivers Public Health Department are offering two K.L.A.S. (Kids Learning Awareness & Safety) courses over the next month that are designed to teach children about being home alone safely.

Two K.L.A.S. classes will be offered for children ages 9-12 on May 30 and June 6 at the Methodist Fremont Health Medical Center where children will learn about a variety of topics designed to help them stay safe while alone at home.

The K.L.A.S. programs are daylong learning experiences where participating children will spend the day, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., learning about internet and home safety, when to call 911, basic CPR and first aid, fire safety, severe weather planning, and food safety and preparation.

“Parents check-in their kids in the morning with us and they come back in the afternoon and pick them up,” Jill Gossett, Community Health and Wellness Coordinator at Methodist Fremont Health, said. “We have the day planned for these kids to have lots of activities, we have speakers come in, and then we go outside and tour the helicopter, an ambulance and a firetruck. It’s day packed full of information.”

According to Gossett, participants in the K.L.A.S. program will learn about strangers and safety.

“We will be talking about who to talk to, who not to talk to. How to answer the phone, if you should answer the door, and knowing phone numbers to call besides 911,” she said.

Participants will also learn about food safety and how to prepare their own snacks and lunch from a registered dietician at Methodist Fremont Health.

“The kids usually learn how to make a snack like a yogurt parfait, and then they also make their own lunch during the program too,” she said.

While Methodist Fremont Health provides the ingredients for lunch during the program—which is usually a sandwich and some simple sides—the children will be the ones preparing it.

The program will also feature a speaker focused on cyberbullying, tech addiction and safe social media use. Children will also learn about how to perform CPR, water safety, severe weather safety and more.

Gossett also recommends that siblings take the class together so they can learn the same information.

The K.L.A.S. program is $10 per child and each separate class — on May 30 and June 6—have a limit of 40 children per class.

Those interested in registering for either program can do so starting May 13 by calling 844-4-FREMONT (844-437-3666).