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Keene Library

Although the calendar year has changed, opportunities for area children and families to get involved and try their hands at something new are still in abundant supply at Keene Memorial Library throughout 2019.

After holding a variety of Digital Drop-In and upcycling events throughout 2018, Keene is picking up right where it left off with several similar events throughout the month of January and beyond.

The local library will host a Digital Drop-In event on Jan. 6 from 1-3:30 p.m. where staffers will offer one-on-one assistance for those hoping to increase their technological literacy.

“We were thinking that if they get a laptop or a tablet or an iPad for Christmas and they’re not quite sure of the features ... we can help you set it up or help you get it connected with your library account,” said Keene Memorial Library’s Elisa Cruz.

Three staff members will be devoted to helping out, and they’ll also be looking to help people learn how to use the library’s digital resources, set up emails and more.

Cruz is bilingual, so assistance will be available in both English and Spanish.

“I think a lot of people don’t know how to use the electronic books; If they’re interested in that, we can help with that,” she said. “And we have a lot of learning databases that are free with your library card.”

The library will have devices ready for use, and guests are invited to bring their own devices in as well.

Along with continuing to offer Digital Drop-In events, Keene will also continue offering periodical upcycling events where guests can use creativity to transform old and otherwise discarded items into something new.

After hosting several holiday-themed upcycling events in December, Keene is set to host another event on Jan. 11 from 3-5 p.m.

“People were having a lot of fun, so we said, well, let’s keep it going,” Cruz said.

For the upcycling event on Jan. 11, Keene will focus on using ink-stampers to create fun cards, fancy wrap or whatever guests can come up with during the event.

The upcycling events aim to teach people how to reuse items for newer, potentially better purposes.

“Instead of throwing it away, you can use it for another fun purpose,” Cruz said.

Other upcycling events have taught guests how to upcycle old tee-shirts, turn DVD cases into pencil holders, and create their own Christmas cards.

Both the Digital Drop-In and upcycling events are free and open to members of the public of all ages.

Keene also hosts weekly “Tween Tech Time” events on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. which allow kids to learn about and get hands-on experience with STEAM curriculum and products.

A variety of events throughout the month and year, geared towards both children and adults, can be found on Keene Memorial Library’s Facebook page.

For questions regarding library events contact Keene at 402-727-2694.



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