Best known for blending musical genres such as rap, pop and rock, Post Malone has been one of the most powerful and influential artists in the music industry for the last four years.

Just two albums into his rising career, Malone has already secured four Grammy nominations and two American Music Awards.

And now, with the release of his third album last month, it seems safe to say that Post Malone will continue his award-winning ways.

Want proof? Two weeks after releasing “Hollywood’s Bleeding” (on Sept. 6, 2019), all 17 songs on Malone’s new album appeared in the Billboard Top 100 (at the same time).

While the vibe of “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is pure Post Malone, this collection of songs is different compared to his previous two albums, because of the number of guest artists that are featured.

Malone’s latest album features some newer artists, as well as some notable faces, including Travis Scott, Dababy, Future, Halsey, Meek Mill, Ozzy Osbourne, SZA, Lil Baby and Swae Lee.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” consists of 17 tracks all with unique sounds. The first song on the album, the title track called “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” exemplifies Post Malone’s strong feelings toward Hollywood.

Hollywood is known for being the home of the entertainment industry, so this song opens up by Malone singing: “Hollywood’s bleeding, vampire’s feedin’ darkness turns to dust.” Malone feels as though the people of L.A. just want to suck the life out of everyone. The people of Hollywood consider it “home” even though it is “bleeding.”

“Die For Me,” the seventh track on the album, features vocals from Future and Halsey. This song is all about the fake promises of a relationship. The person that said they could die for you, could easily walk away.

Perhaps the most shocking surprise on the album is the ninth song, titled “Take What You Want.” This song gives off rock-n-roll energy. With Ozzy’s iconic voice and some hair-metal guitars, this song offers a unique twist to the album.

Previously released in late 2018, the song “Sunflower (feat. Swae Lee),” is a light, melodic ode to love. The big hit made it on the top of the charts and is still being played on radio stations nationwide. “Sunflower” was recorded for the “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” soundtrack. Overall “Sunflower” is a vibey feel-good kind of song.

All of Post Malone’s albums shine in different ways. His latest offering, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” does a wonderful job of furthering the pop musician’s vulnerability through his music, thus creating a new-and-fresh album for his listeners.

Though it comes close, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” still isn’t as great as his first two albums.


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