Veronica Sapp (from left) of RTG Medical, Jody Horner of Midland University, Brad Dahl of Fremont Public Schools, Jamie Crow and Todd Seawall of the YMCA, Brett Richmond of Methodist Fremont Health, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Jerry Rinne of the YMCA meet at the Fremont Family YMCA Friday. Fortenberry toured the facility and spoke with leaders about its partnerships.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry met with community leaders at the Fremont Family YMCA last Friday to discuss the facility and its partnerships.

Fremont YMCA CEO Jerry Rinne said he had been in Washington, D.C., with the national YMCA working on public policy and meeting with members of Congress, including Fortenberry.

“I’ve had conversations with him and invited him to come see the YMCA in Fremont,” Rinne said. “I know he has an office here as well, and he wanted to come see it, so we were able to line something up here.”

Rinne said Fortenberry was given a tour of the facility, which is the world’s largest YMCA under one roof. He also met with different leaders in the Fremont area to discuss the YMCA’s community partnerships to enhance public health and wellness.

One the programs the YMCA holds is the First Grade Learn to Swim program, which is a collaboration with RTG Medical and Fremont Public Schools. Fortenberry met with Veronica Sapp, RTG Medical marketing and brand ambassador, and Brad Dahl, FPS associate superintendent.

Midland University President Jody Horner was also present and talked with Fortenberry the university’s relationship with the YMCA.

“We let them use our facilities like the ice rink and the swimming pool and tennis courts for their sports teams,” Rinne said. “We also talked about how we employ over 100 Midland students at our YMCA.”

Fortenberry also met with Methodist Fremont Health CEO Brett Richmond, which holds programming with the YMCA. The YMCA also runs the hospital’s wellness center.

“He just kind of wanted to know about the different partnerships that kind of take place, knowing that if we want to make Fremont a special place, we’ve got to work together and form partnerships so we can do these things and provide the service that the community needs,” Rinne said.

Rinne said Fortenberry spoke about what was going on in Washington, D.C., as well, and said he would like to come back and listen to the people in his district about what’s going on.

Rinne also said he was proud of the partnerships the YMCA have and its ability to serve the community of Fremont.

“We have to know how to make things happen by being involved with the players in the community and making the YMCA a better place by partnering up. Nobody can do it by themselves,” he said. “Those partners also have value from the YMCA being a partner with us. It’s amazing how we can set that up in the town of Fremont and have people working together instead of working against each other.”

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