The Fremont City Council approved a resolution regarding the design of the extension of Luther Road to the south of Morningside Road following an hour’s long discussion on Tuesday night.

Council members unanimously voted to proceed with a design plan prepared by Director of Public Works and City Engineer Dave Goedeken for an extension of Luther Road south from Morningside Road that has an estimated construction cost of $1.05—$1.3 million.

The council approved design was passed by a 7-0 vote and proposes a 38-foot wide roadway from Morningside Road to the south end of Deerfield, centered in the right-of-way with a buried stormwater pipe system.

The plan was one-of-three options brought forward by Goedeken after concerns were raised by residents of Deerfield Subdivision—which abuts the yet-to-be construction extension of Luther Road—at a previous council meeting.

On Jan. 29, Councilmember Brad Yerger brought forward a resolution regarding an initial proposed design for the Luther Road extension that proposed a 24-foot wide roadway, offset to the west of the right-of-way centerline, with an open drainage ditch on the east side of the roadway.

The resolution, which was not passed, instructed Goedeken to develop a design plan that would not offset Luther Road to the west of the right-of-way centerline and also called for the elimination of any plans to create an intersection between Deerfield Avenue and Luther Road south of Morningside Road.

Deerfield Avenue runs parallel to and is located to the south of Morningside Road within the Deerfield Subdivision, and dead ends near the current three-way junction of Luther and Morningside.

Yerger said he brought forward the initial resolution on Jan. 29 due to multiple complaints raised by his constituents who live within Deerfield Subdivision.

“The reason for including this tonight was I received several letters, calls and comments from constituents in my ward seeking explanations about this road project and seeking an opportunity to speak out in opposition of the proposed Luther Road extension location and the opening of intersections into Deerfield,” Yerger said at the council meeting on Jan. 29.

At the meeting on Jan. 29 the council instead voted to continue the matter until the March 12 meeting and instructed Goedeken to provide additional design options for the Luther Road extension project.

Goedeken presented three potential design options at the meeting on Tuesday.

The first option followed the original design as presented on Jan. 29 which included the eight-foot offset of Luther Road to the west, and proposed building a 38-foot wide road from Morningside Road to Samuel before narrowing to 28-foot wide to the south end of Deerfield Subdivision. It also included an open drainage ditch system and had an estimated cost of $750,000 to $1 million.

The second proposed option would keep the Luther Road extension centered in the right-of-way for the entire length of the roadway and would require a stormwater pipe system to be installed through the entire length of roadway. It also called for a 38-foot wide road from Morningside to Samuel, before narrowing to 28-feet from Samuel to the end of Deerfield. The cost for the second option proposed by Goedeken was estimated at $950,000 to $1 million.

On Tuesday, the council settled on the third option presented by Goedeken which proposes a 38-foot roadway throughout the extension project, keeps the roadway centered in the right-of-way throughout, and requires a buried stormwater pipe system. The estimated cost of the approved option was the most expensive of the three, coming in at approximately $1.05 to $1.3 million.

The concerns raised by residents of Deerfield mostly focused on wanting to keep the roadway centered in the right-of-way, not installing an open drainage ditch system, and not wanting to connect Deerfield Avenue to Luther Road as part of the extension project.

After all was said and done on Tuesday, the resolution passed 7-0 by the council and addressed two-out-of-three of those concerns as the proposed road will be centered in the right-of-way and will feature a buried drainage pipe system.

While the resolution does call for Deerfield Avenue to be opened and connected with Luther Road, council members and Goedeken will try to address possible compromises at a future date including potentially adding speed bumps to Deerfield to cut down on cut-through traffic between Deerfield Subdivision and the yet-to-be built Morningside Pointe Subdivision.

The resolution passed by council also did not allocate funding for the project, but rather instructs the City to pursue that specific design plan when going out for bids on the project this spring.


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