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It wasn’t the kind of day John Hubbell expected.

The previous night, the Fremont man was working at his parents’ acreage near Leshara, helping to cut down a 70-year-old elm tree.

“It was late at night when we went inside,” Hubbell said.

On Friday, Hubbell went out to cut up the tree for firewood.

That’s when he noticed a squirrel, sitting under the tree, watching him.

Hubbell took a closer look and saw that the squirrel’s tail had become pinched in between split pieces of a branch.

Since the tree probably weighed three or four tons, Hubbell knew it would be too heavy to lift.

Hubbell had to find a different way to free the squirrel.

He didn’t want to cut the branch with a chainsaw and risk hurting the little animal.

So he got a heavy duty, Hi-Lift (handyman’s) jack to lift part of the tree.

Hubbell did something else. He put his GoPro camera in front of the branch and squirrel.

“I thought it was an interesting moment and something kind of out of the ordinary,” Hubbell said.

He started filming.

“We’re going to see if we can save him,” Hubbell said on the video.

Hubbell then jacked up the tree branch, pulled away the last splinter and freed the squirrel’s tail.

The newly freed squirrel scampered away.

“For being under that tree, he came out all right,” Hubbell said on the video.

The squirrel later was seen eating bird feed.

Hubbell put the video labeled: “A tree fell on this squirrel’s tail” on YouTube.

As of Wednesday morning, it had more than 100 views. Other videos taken by people of squirrels in various situations have collected hundreds of thousands or in one case, even millions of views.

It’s tough to say how many views this video will get, but Hubbell notes that some of the most popular involve people helping animals. He believes people enjoy these types of heartwarming videos.

In the meantime, Hubbell has more work to do on the acreage.

“I suppose we’re going to be cutting down a lot more trees,” he said, adding, “I think we’ll try to steer clear of the squirrels for now.”


News Editor

Tammy Real-McKeighan is news editor of the Fremont Tribune. She covers news, features, religion stories and writes the weekly faith-based, Spiritual Spinach column.

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