Splash Station

Fremont's Splash Station has seen lots of guests during the recent hot weather.

With temperatures reaching around 100 degrees and heat indices reaching more than 110 degrees, Fremont’s pools have seen an increase in visitors, the Fremont Parks and Recreation Department said.

Whereas July 12-14 last year saw approximately 600 visitors to Splash Station, the pool had around 800 this year, recreation superintendent Nate Schwanke told the Tribune on Monday.

“Everything else was kind of average up to that point,” he said. “But then the 12th, when it really got hot, we saw an extreme jump in numbers.”

Schwanke said the pool averaged around 500 attendees before that weekend’s jump. Throughout last week, he said the numbers averaged between 475 and 575, which was still more than average for the workweek, he said.

Last Friday, high temperatures had 760 people coming to the Splash Station, but despite temperatures cooling down, 800 people visited the pool Saturday.

Aside from having to call in some extra guards, Splash Station hasn’t had to alter its day-to-day operations, Schwanke said.

“Because we’ve had busy days before, we’ve had these kinds of numbers, but not a stretch like this where we have a full week-and-a-half of elevated numbers,” he said. “So it really wasn’t too much of an adjustment.”

Schwanke encouraged people coming out to Splash Station and Ronin Pool to bring plenty of sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day.

He also said to make sure to stay hydrated, even when staying in the water all day.

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