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Fremont’s Main Street was included on a USA Today list of “charming Main Streets” across the country.

The list featured a Main Street from each state in the country, highlighting Fremont’s main street as the representative for Nebraska.

“East meets West in Fremont, where Main Street displays a horse and carriage afront the Weiland & Son Building, on the same block as a modern coffee shop and old-fashioned retailer, Sampter’s,” the Fremont entry reads.

On Thursday, the MainStreet of Fremont Facebook page shared a link to the USA Today article. MainStreet of Fremont is an organization that aims to promote and support downtown Fremont.

“We’re always trying to promote ourselves outside of the community, so it’s nice to have a little bit of recognition, especially from a news organization like USA Today,” said MainStreet Fremont’s Executive Director Shannon Mullen.

Mullen says that Fremont’s Main Street has lots to offer — from its architecture, history and array of business options like bakeries, boutiques, entertainment venues and more.

“Our unique mix of historic and modern retail businesses and restaurants and service-based organizations are really a great mix in the downtown,” Mullen said.

Main Street is still evolving, Mullen said, along with the downtown district that surrounds it. On Park Avenue, one block over, for instance, new historic light poles were installed to match the aesthetic of Main Street. Planters and hanging baskets along Main Street have added to the corridor’s charm, Mullen said.

Being featured in a large outlet that transcends Fremont’s local borders helps to promote Fremont’s “charming, great downtown feel of almost the Rockwell era,” Mullen said. And an active downtown is a symbol of economic health, she added.

“As we look to further develop our workforce in the community — not just downtown, but community wide — things like this are really great for us,” Mullen said. “It’s just a great feather in our cap.”

In the future, MainStreet of Fremont is working on beautification programs in the downtown area and communicating with investors who are “very interested” properties in the area, Mullen said.

The group hopes to expand the hanging baskets of flowers onto Park Avenue next year. The group is also hoping to raise funds for a sound system to be included on the downtown district’s historic light posts. And this Christmas will feature brand new Christmas decorations.

It’s also always hoping to find funding opportunities for potential building owners and investors, through historic tax credits, loans and grant opportunities.


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