United Way

For nearly 80 years, the Fremont Area United Way has allowed organizations to donate to multiple nonprofits in the area.

The organization’s 2020 campaign will kick off from 4 to 6 p.m. Aug. 14 at the Olson Community Engagement Center.

“It’s an opportunity to come out and meet some partner agencies, learn how they use our donor funds, learn how they’re making positive impacts and change in our community with the donor funds and learn a little bit more about the great work that they do,” outgoing Executive Director Shawn Shanahan said.

Agencies will have tables set up to answer questions from attendees. Food and drink will be provided, and prizes will be available as well.

Christy Fiala, the new executive director of the Fremont Area United Way, will be speaking at the event on the future of United Way and its 2020 campaign.

“I think that United Way has ideas on how to continue the work in the community, the collaboration and the teamwork that’s been built and how to continue that forward with the partner agencies and the community,” she said.

United Way was founded in 1887 and now has almost 1,200 offices throughout the country.

The program has workplaces in the area operate campaigns to give funds, including through payroll deductions. The Fremont Area United Way supports more than 15 programs and 10 local nonprofits.

“United Way is one of the best avenues to give your funds, because it supports multiple nonprofits and multiple works within the community to address our social issues,” Shanahan said. “It also is an opportunity for you to give to one place that allows your donor dollars to go further and to be leveraged with other dollars that are being given.”

Shanahan said that as shown in recent events like the March flooding, Fremont is a very giving community and continues to support its nonprofits very well.

“It’s a community that gives and has a ton of compassion for nonprofits and the work that’s being done,” she said. “So we want to continue to allow the opportunity to highlight that work and continue to show that United Way is relevant in the community in fundraising and working collectively with our partners to solve some of our social challenge.”

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