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A Tesla electric vehicle uses one of the city's two ChargePoint charging stations in the Fremont Mall. The City of Fremont is rolling out a new electric vehicle incentive program on July 1 which will provide 10 individuals with a $4,500 rebate toward the purchase of a new electric vehicle and charger.

The City of Fremont plans to unveil a new electrical vehicle incentive program which will provide ten individuals with a $4,500 rebate toward the purchase of a new electric vehicle and charger later this summer.

The incentive program is part of a pilot program to study the effect electric vehicles have on Fremont’s electric system, according to City Administrator Brian Newton.

“In other words, we are interested in knowing the effects electric vehicle charging will have on the electric system across town, if electric vehicle owners can be directed to charge “off peak” hours, and how much electric vehicle charging will contribute to total electric sales,’ he said.

Newton says one main goal of the program is to see the effect that electric vehicle charging will have on Fremont’s electric system during “off peak” hours, which typically occur overnight when electrical usage is at its lowest throughout the community.

“We think it could be very beneficial to Fremont because we generate our own power and typically electric vehicles are charging at night,” he said. “At night we can’t throttle down low enough, so it could actually fill in that valley we get because we have to overproduce because the plants just can’t go lower.”

The city still has work to do before rolling out the project including completing an agreement with ChargePoint for the chargers, finishing a memorandum of understanding with Electric Transportation Partners, creating a marketing brochure and survey form, and setting up an informational page on the city’s website.

“We still have a lot of details to iron out, but we are hoping to have it rolling in July or August,” Newton said.

When the incentive program is rolled out, prospective electric vehicle buyers must meet certain requirements to qualify.

Prospective buyers must purchase a new all-electric vehicle—no hybrid’s are allowed—and a ChargePoint Home Charger. They must also live in Fremont’s electric service area and complete a W9 as the incentive payment is considered taxable income.

They must also sign an authorization form to share charging and vehicle data and information, which will allow the pilot program to track charging to determine its effect on Fremont’s electric system.

The incentive program is funded through a grant that the city received through the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) and the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance (NCEA) earlier this year.

In 2018, the city also received grant funding through the NET and NCEA also focused on electric vehicles and diversification of the city’s power generation.

The $300,000 grant received in 2018 was used toward Solar Farm No. 2, 50 percent of the cost of two ChargePoint public electric vehicle charging stations, and 50 percent of the cost of five PHEV Kia Niro’s for the city’s fleet of vehicles.

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