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Dodge County Board of Supervisors

The Dodge County Board of Supervisors received notice of changes to a previously approved poultry site associated with Costco and Lincoln Premium Poultry’s incoming chicken operation.

The site, Colten Schafersman’s Memory Lane Poultry, is located north of Fremont and was commemorated with an open house in September. The application received by the board during its Wednesday meeting said that the operation has reduced from four barns to three barns, and has increased its head count from 60,000 to 65,000 chickens.

No action was necessary by the board, as the changes were still within the realm of the zoning it approved during its September 2017 hearing, said board chairman Bob Missel.

“They didn’t cross any boundaries in what was already in the parameters of what we OK’d,” Missel said.

As the Tribune reported in 2017, the conditional use permit approved by the board allowed for a poultry operation containing 300 to 900 animal units. The originally planned 60,000 chickens amounted to 600 animal units.

Jessica Kolterman, of Lincoln Premium Poultry, told the Tribune that the changes were “technical,” submitted so that the county board has “every ounce of information that we have.”

“We put in everything that we had at that time, but then as you move forward and you start to get into the technical details and the changes, there’s always changes that are made and then you always re-submit modifications,” she said. “The scope of the project, the size of the project, the impact of the project doesn’t really change.”

She added that had the project changed beyond the approved scope, the project would need to go through the process again and get re-approved.

“When we go in to get any of our permits, we always put in for a certain percentage higher in case we need to make any modifications down the road, within a small amount,” she said.

Additionally, Memory Lane Poultry will be hosting another Open House to display the barns. Kolterman said that those interested in attending can call her at (402) 704-2200.

Also at Wednesday’s board meeting:

  • the board met for a closed session to address “pending litigation,” but action was not necessary as a result of the session, Missel said.

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