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Dodge County residents will have more online services through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) starting today.

Treasurers’ offices across the state have been preparing for when the new VicToRy registration and titling system goes live.

The modernized vehicle registration and titling system replaces a program that has been in place since the 1990s. The capital letters in the new name stand for vehicle, title and registration.

This new system will be used to register more than 2.5 million vehicles each year in Nebraska and collect almost $720 million in titling and registration for state and local entities, the DMV said in a prepared statement.

Every county treasurers’ office has been involved in updating their computers to take on the new system, said Dodge County Treasurer Gail Bargstadt.

“Once we get through the learning curve and everyone’s adjusted to it, it’s going to provide a lot more streamlining in certain areas for the customer as well as for our county offices,” Bargstadt said.

Office staffers have undergone a lot of training in light of the Oct. 15 activation date.

“We’re asking people to be patient,” Bargstadt said as staffers work with the updated system.

Work on updating the system began in March 2018.

DMV officials talked with treasurers in all 93 counties, the state auditor and state treasurer offices, the Nebraska Association of County Officials and business partners.

“We are excited to deliver the VicToRy system on time and on budget to replace the current aging system,” Nebraska DMV Director Rhonda Lahm said. “The project has been an incredible example of stakeholders reaching across traditional barriers to deliver a successful system. Working closely with our partners in county treasurer offices and other state agencies has allowed us to deliver a product to meet our collective needs.”

Consumers, who order specialty license plates, now can go online and check to see if the plates are in the Dodge County Treasurer’s office yet or not.

Businesses or corporations with 25 or more vehicles will be able to complete registrations online with the streamlined process.

There will be fewer and more simplified forms for customers to complete.

State officials anticipate that the system will improve fraud prevention and detection, Lahm said. They also believe automating manual processes will reduce the opportunity for errors.

“We are looking forward to growth opportunities and how we can enhance and improve the customer experience through the modernized system,” said Betty Johnson, administrator of the driver and vehicle records division.

Johnson also addressed the training and learning involved in the updated system.

“Extensive training and testing was carried out by hundreds of users and we are grateful for their hard work,” Johnson said. “After training, the learning curve continues and may impact the service customer’s experience for a short time.”

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