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City Safety Manager Brandon Laubscher and Fremont Maintenance Mechanic John Gibney are pictured here with three recently purchased CPR mannequins.

The city of Fremont recently welcomed three new CPR mannequins through a $500 grant provided by the League Association of Risk Management (LARM), an insurance pool that includes more than 160 government entities across Nebraska.

The announcement of the purchase was made by LARM on Oct. 8.

Previously, for city and department of utilities employees to take CPR training, the city would need to borrow their mannequins from elsewhere, says city safety manager Brandon Laubscher.

“Before we would have to go and we would have to borrow the Fremont Fire Department [mannequins],” Laubscher said. “We actually used to borrow them from Arlington as well. So we would have to go out to multiple different communities and borrow mannequins.”

Now, the new mannequins allow Laubscher to teach employees how to give proper chest compressions and rescue breaths without having to borrow the equipment from other entities.

There could be more on the horizon, Laubscher said. The city has applied for another grant through LARM that would bring in fake automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) that coach users on how to use them properly.

“The AED will actually talk to them and say ‘pads are not attached correctly,’ or ‘your compressions are good,’” Laubscher said. “It’s pretty cool. It’s something we should all be trained on, I think.”

Laubscher is the instructor of the CPR classes for city employees—they usually take about four hours for first timers, and two hours for those taking a refresher course.

The LARM grant that made the purchase of the mannequins possible is known as a “Lean on LARM” grant, which is given to governmental entities who are looking to bolster their safety programs.


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