Fremont Planning Commission

Fremont Planning Commission

The Fremont Planning Commission recommended approval of the city’s One and Six-Year Road Plan during its meeting on Monday.

The planning commission unanimously recommended approval of the plan following a presentation from Public Works Director Dave Goedeken laying out which road projects are expected to be completed in 2019 and over the next six years.

“Basically this is our transportation plan for the next six years laying out our projects and looking out for future projects,” Goedeken told the Planning Commission.

During his presentation, Goedeken highlighted the road improvement projects that are planned to be undertaken this year by the city.

One year projects in the plan include the paving of Johnson Road from Jack Sutton Drive to Morningside Road, the replacement of a bridge on N. Somers Avenue with a box culvert, the second phase of a pedestrian signal project completed last year, and several others.

There will also be two repaving projects including on E. Military Avenue from Grant Street to Clarmar Avenue.

“Basically that will go from the football field (Heedum Field) over to Bell Street,” Goedeken said. “The asphalt is in really bad condition and we’ve been patching it for a number of years so we are going to tear out all the asphalt, rebuild the sections of pavement that need to be repaired and replace it with new asphalt.”

That project will also include the replacement of ADA handicap ramps to bring them into compliance with current standards, Goedeken said.

A similar project will also be undertaken on Bell Street from Linden Avenue to 23rd Street. Goedeken says that work will also be completed on the Bell Street Viaduct in 2019.

“The viaduct as it shrinks and swells with temperature changes it’s moving around on its base,” he said. “It is sound, but we need to do some rehab work on it.”

Plans are also currently underway to complete at least a portion of the Luther Road extension south of Morningside road to accommodate the planned Morningside Pointe housing development.

Goedeken also includes projects within the Morningside Crossing and SunRidge Place developments into the plan.

“These are not city projects, they are private developments, but since they are roadway construction that are going to begin this year we put them in the one year plan,” he said. “I don’t have prices on them yet but I will as these move forward through city council.”

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