After being known as “Pathfinders” for almost a decade, a new branding campaign for the city of Fremont was unveiled at a reveal party at Wikert Event Center on Thursday.

The new campaign is headlined by a new motto for the community: “Here We Grow.”

The rebranding effort involved a variety of local entities and organizations including the City of Fremont, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, Greater Fremont Development Council, MainStreet of Fremont, Fremont Area Community Foundation, Fremont & Dodge County Conventions and Visitors Bureau and Midland University.

“This has been a year-long project and we are very excited to showcase our new brand,” Fremont Chamber Executive Director Tara Lea said.

The new marketing campaign was developed by Maly Marketing which is based out of Lincoln and specializes in economic development and tourism marketing.

Maly Marketing’s founder and owner is Fremont native Steve Maly.

“I was born and raised in Fremont so it was a really cool opportunity to kind of come back and give this to my hometown,” he said.

To develop the new branding campaign, Maly Marketing started with an initial meeting with community stakeholders back in May of 2018 before sending a team out into the community to conduct research and speak with local residents.

“When we go into a community project like this we allow them to explore the town and have a lot of open conversations,” Maly said. “We sat down with a lot of stakeholders and even just had conversations with people randomly at restaurants, grocery stores and bars just to get a perspective of what people that live here think and believe about Fremont.”

Through that process, they came up with four focused areas to promote Fremont which include safety, education, small town community, and opportunity.

During the unveiling party on Thursday, Maly shared some of the messages his company developed that centered around those four focus areas.

One message focused on education: “Education is more than what is learned in the classroom. It’s the friendships, experiences and community that empowers students to play, grow, thrive and move confidently into the future. From kindergarten to college that is what you will find in Fremont. Here we grow.”

Another focused on the agricultural community: “Farmers know a thing or two about growth, but the Ag economy does not end at the edge of the field. It takes a lot to feed the world and agriculture supports businesses large and small to help bring the crops from the fields to market. In Fremont, we know what it takes. Here we grow.”

Another focused on Fremont’s small-town feel and ease of transportation: “Fremont is the kind of town where getting a gallon of milk can take an hour. Not because of traffic, you can get from one end of town to the other in nine minutes. Not because we’re lacking option. It can take an hour because, by the time you are on your third conversation with a neighbor, coworker, or friend time has gotten away from you. Sure some people might think it’s a hassle. Some people like the sprawling monotony of the suburbs. We like being a community. We like being a place for neighbors. Here we grow.”

As part of the branding campaign, Maly Marketing developed a new logo, motto, video, and marketing materials.

“It’s simple, concise and it makes it easy for people to grab a hold of, to remember, and know what Fremont is all about,” Maly said. “And again it is a promise that we know we can back up.”

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