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omaha street percussion

Omaha Street Percussion performs for a crowd in Downtown Omaha. The group is set to play two shows at Keene Memorial Library on June 18. 

While libraries are usually quiet places, in a few weeks Keene Memorial Library will be anything but.

“It should be noisy, exuberant and just a lot of fun for everybody,” Laura England Biggs, children’s librarian, said.

What England Biggs is referring to is a pair of concerts set to be held at the local library later this month featuring Omaha Street Percussion.

“We are a group of drummers that play on recycled or repurposed items to resemble real percussion sounds as best we can,” Justin Fisher, Omaha Street Percussion director, said. “We use trash cans, buckets, pots and pans and just try to infuse drumming, dance and crowd participation all through the show.”

Omaha Street Percussion will bring the noise to Keene Memorial Library on June 18. The percussion group will be performing two shows at the library, one at 11 a.m. and a second at 1 p.m. inside Keene’s large meeting room.

According to Fisher, crowds can expect an upbeat show with plenty of crowd participation.

“It’s pretty high energy, it’s loud,” he said. “We always get the crowd involved, whether it’s having them clap along with the rhythm, dancing, or evening having a few come up on stage with us. It’s a back and forth thing all throughout.”

Omaha Street Percussion is a group of seven drummers who have been performing their unique act throughout the region over the past six years. According to Fisher, the group’s seven members usually rotate between shows with each show usually featuring 4-5 members. Since the group’s inception, Omaha Street Percussion has performed over 600 times.

Along with performing at a variety of events, organizations and business over the past six years, Omaha Street Percussion has also expanded their offerings to provide educational programming.

“We started off just strictly as a group that got together and performed but now we’ve branched off into some educational stuff,” Fisher said. “Four of us in the group teach drum lessons, with weekly students.

We also host summer camps and workshops for kids of different ages.”

Fisher added that although their upcoming performance is at a library, the group doesn’t plan to keep quiet.

“They can expect it to be like any other show, we are not going to water it down just because it’s in the library,” he said. “It will be loud, fast-paced and will hopefully get peoples adrenaline rushing.”

Both Omaha Street Percussion’s at Keene are free to attend, but registration is required due to limited space within the large meeting room where the concert is being held. The meeting room holds around 75 people.

According to England Biggs, she has already received registration from several large groups and that the 1 p.m. show only has around 15 spots still available. The 11 a.m. performance has more availability, with around 40 spots still remaining.

Registration for the Omaha Street Percussion performances at Keene can be made at

For more information about Omaha Street Percussion, or to view a video of one of the group’s performances go to



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