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It pays to be tall.

Or at least it helped during the Noon Year’s Eve Party on Saturday at Keene Memorial Library in Fremont.

About 40 people — children and adults — gathered in the library auditorium to usher in the new year with a special daytime event.

“It gives the kids the opportunity to celebrate a holiday that they don’t normally get to, because they either can’t stay up or their parents won’t let them stay up (until midnight),” said Tina Walker, executive director. “The craft they make during the craft time is something for midnight for an actual New Year’s Eve celebration.”

Children decorated colorful masks like someone might wear to a New Year’s Eve party. They made pictures with construction paper snowmen and snowflake stickers.

The children also had an opportunity to have their photos taken in front of multicolored streamers. Children could wear masks they’d made or hold other props for photos taken by parents, grandparents and friends.

Guests — both tall and small — could indulge in some treats, like chocolate cupcakes, oranges or cookies that filled a table near one wall.

Everyone waited for the countdown to the balloon drop at noon.

The children engaged in some enthusiastic counting, before a string was pulled that would release gold, black and white balloons from plastic taped to the ceiling.

But something went amiss.

The string broke.

“You need a tall person,” said grandparent Jym Kruse, who at 6 feet, 7 inches reached up to grab a ribbon attached to the plastic.

Kruse had to tug the ribbon a bit since the plastic was well fastened to the ceiling, but freed the balloons which cascaded down into the children’s waiting arms.

Walker brought out even more balloons for the children.

And despite the brief snafu, children and adults seemed to enjoy the event.

“They really do a great job here,” said Becky Turner as she watched the children. “It’s very family oriented. That’s what I love.”

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This was the first time Makayla Silva had ever attended the party.

She and her mom, Maria, were invited by friend Julie Anderson and children, Meadow and Ruger Anderson.

“It’s awesome. I love it,” Maria Silva said. “It’s social and my daughter can have fun.”

Grandparents had a chance for fun, too.

“We brought the grandchildren today to enjoy the festivities,” said Jan Kruse. “We’ve done it in the past and they wanted to come back.”

August and Juliana Kruse decorated masks and ate snacks amid other lively children at the event.

“I think it (the event) went really well until the balloon string broke, but we made the best of it,” said Laura England Biggs, children’s librarian.

Typically, the library offers this activity the day before New Year’s, Walker said.

“But this year, it (New Year’s Eve) happens to fall on a Sunday and we’re not open at noon on Sunday so we weren’t going to have it and then we got a lot of community feedback requesting Noon Year’s Eve on Saturday,” Walker said. “I’m glad I got the feedback from people. I had no idea how much this meant to people.”


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