Sand sculptures

"Sand Sculptures on Main," held by MainStreet Fremont, will take place Oct. 11-13 in downtown Fremont. The event will have various local organizations competing with different sand sculptures.

MainStreet of Fremont will hold a sand sculpture contest among six different local organizations next month.

“Sand Sculptures on Main,” which celebrates MainStreet’s 25th anniversary, will be held Oct. 11-13 at the northwest corner parking lot at Sixth Street and Park Avenue.

“With us turning 25 years on Sept. 19 and the Fremont Fall Festival and farmers markets being that weekend, we thought what better opportunity than to get out there and hold this,” MainStreet Executive Director Cortney Schaefer said.

Schaefer said the event was inspired by similar events in the area, like Elkhorn’s Nebraska Snow Sculpting Competition and Omaha’s Sand in the City.

Competitors for the event include Don Peterson and Associates, First National Bank of Omaha, Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce, S2 Roll-offs and Refuse, Fremont Methodist Health and Midland University.

Schaefer said the organizations expressed great interest in the event due to its use of corporate teambuilding in choosing the team, choosing a leader and designing the sculpture.

“Teambuilding within our places of business, our places of employment these days are very high,” she said. “We can get more done when we work as a team than when we work alone.”

Although voting for the event will run from noon on Oct. 11 to noon on Oct. 12, the competitors will start designing their sculptures two days earlier. Up until voting starts, sculpting will be allowed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Schaefer said she was also able to obtain the help of a sand coach, who will provide the sculptors with guidance.

With sculpting, she said, the quality and type of sand is crucial, and the first step is to think about the design as a pyramid, with more space on the bottom than at the top.

“And they’re sculpting the sand, but they’re also forming it,” Schaefer said. “And there, they can use different aspects to form the sand, whether it’s with two-by-fours or tires or anything that will hold a form.”

Schaefer said the process also involves multiple various tools, including an acrylic knife set and a blowholes to clean out fine details.

Hy-Vee will provide a lunch when voting starts, which will be free for people who wear their favorite spirit wear, Schaefer said.

The sculptures will be held in a covered tent for the public to see. A designated sandbox also will be provided for children to take part.

Schaefer said that ultimately, the event is about community participation and being able to take part in events together.

“It’s going to kick off the second annual Fremont Fall Festival and also, our farmers market will be here that Thursday and Friday,” she said. “So it’s not only great for the community, but it’s great for our downtown as well.”

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