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According to Scott Schaller, Fremont’s Miller Skate Park gets a lot of use.

“It’s showing some wear,” said Schaller. “There’s been some maintenance issues that we’ve been working on.”

For Schaller, the wear and tear at Miller Park is a sign that skating is still a popular activity in Fremont — one which could use some upgraded facilities.

“I still think that need is here because if you go down to Miller Skate Park, there’s always kids down there,” he said. “It’s getting used, and obviously if it’s wearing out and things are needing to be repaired as much as they have been, obviously it’s a need.”

Schaller and a group called SK8 Fremont, which had been involved in the formation of the original Miller Skate Park, which opened in 2003, are now beginning the process of exploring a potential new skate park for Fremont — one that will be built with community input.

“They’ve been kind of tossing around ideas or thoughts and we decided let’s bring the community together and see if this is something that the community really is diving into and seeing what the community’s thoughts and ideas are,” he said.

The group is hosting a meeting at the Christensen Field Meeting Roomo on May 9 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The meeting will be an open discussion, featuring options for new skate park elements that the community can explore and choose what they prefer. At this point, the group hopes to get community input on everything for the new park: from the location to the lighting to the pieces in the park.

“Skating has changed since 19, 20 years ago,” he said. “What the meeting is kind of about is giving people the option to say well this obstacle on this photo looks good or maybe this planter like this or this lighting looks good. And that’s what this is kind of about: putting together an idea of what the community wants or would like to see.”

Still on the table is the possibility of renovating Miller Park instead of building an entiely new park, but it all depends on what kind of feedback the group gets from the community.

Schaller, a former city councilman in Fremont, added that the goal is for the park to be funded without city dollars and instead, with grants, though it’s too early to say what the financing plan will be for sure.

At this point, however, everything is in the early stages, and this first meeting is meant to lay the groundwork and get community input.

“I just ask that everybody, whether you think you’ll be interested or not, show up and listen to feedback and listen to the groups and give your opinions,” Schaller said.

He added that he believes creating opportunities for outdoor activity is important.

“This gives kids another option here in Fremont in getting out and doing something with their bicycle or with their skateboard,” Schaller said. “t gives them something other to do than sitting on their sofa playing video games.”

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