Lunch Menus

Lunch menus for the week of May 13

Archbishop Bergan Catholic Schools

Monday: French toast sticks, sausage patties, yogurt, vegetable, fruit, milk.

Tuesday: Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza, fruit, vegetable, milk.

Wednesday: Chicken patty on a bun, onion rings, vegetable, fruit, milk.

Thursday: Hot dog, chips, vegetable, fruit, milk.

Friday: Last day of school – no lunch served.

Archbishop Bergan Elementary School

Monday: Chef’s choice.

Tuesday: Chef’s choice.

Wednesday: Chef’s choice.

Thursday: Chef’s choice.

Friday: No lunch served.

* Peanut butter and jelly or taco replaces main entree.

Fremont Public Schools

Monday: Chicken soft taco or chicken and waffles, corn, romaine lettuce, apple juice, milk.

Tuesday: Breaded beef patty or deli turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and gravy, roll, green beans, peaches, milk.

Wednesday: Hamburger on a bun or local school menu, baked beans, potato smiles, apple, sun chips, milk.

Thursday: Chicken patty on a bun or taco puff, tri potato, pears, mixed vegetables, milk.

Friday: Mini corn dogs or hot pretzel/ham sandwich, baby carrots, romaine mix, fresh strawberries, Oreo cookies, milk.

Trinity Lutheran School

Monday: Mandarin orange chicken, rice, cooked broccoli, mandarin oranges, peanut butter and jelly whole wheat whole grain sandwich.

Tuesday: Flying saucer, green beans, applesauce, peanut butter and jelly whole wheat whole grain sandwich.

Wednesday: Half day of school – no lunch.

Cedar Bluffs Public Schools

Monday: Breaded pork patty.

Tuesday: Spaghetti.

Wednesday: Barbecue sandwich.

Thursday: Tacos.

Friday: Hamburgers.

Logan View Public Schools

Monday: Cook’s choice.

Tuesday: Cook’s choice.

Wednesday: Last day of school – no lunch served.

Mead Public Schools

Monday: Hot dog, baked beans, triangle potato, Rice Krispie treat, peaches.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger, fries, orange slices, chocolate chip cookie.

Wednesday: Nacho supremes, green beans, pears, peanut butter sandwich.

Thursday: Popcorn chicken, potatoes, green beans, fruit, roll.

Friday: Lasagna, lettuce salad, pineapple, breadstick.

North Bend Central Schools

Monday: Deli sandwiches.

Tuesday: Hamburgers or cheeseburgers.

Oakland-Craig Public Schools

Monday: Pantry party.

Tuesday: Pantry party.

Wednesday: Pantry party.

Thursday: Pantry party.

Scribner-Snyder Public Schools

Monday: Chicken sandwich, fries, baked beans, peaches.

Tuesday: Corn dogs, chips, corn, apricots.

Wednesday: French toast sticks, yogurt, hash brown patties, applesauce.

Thursday: Quesadilla, rice, lettuce, pears.

Friday: Hamburgers, chips, baby carrots, oranges.