Ridge Road, Emerson Estates Flooding

Horses are seen at a farm near Fremont.

With flood waters inundating south Fremont on Friday afternoon, voluntary evacuations were issued by the City of Fremont for areas south of the railroad tracks from Pierce to Platte streets.

With efforts being undertaken to prevent a breach of the levee point at Cut-Off ditch west of Fremont, a voluntary evacuation was also issued for residents who live between County Road 17 and the Highway 30 bypass early in the afternoon on Friday. A mandatory evacuation was also issued for Inglewood Township on Friday morning.

Shelter for evacuees was located at First Lutheran Church at 3200 Military Avenue. The facility was activated as a Red Cross Flood Relief Shelter on Thursday.

Volunteers are also needed at First Lutheran Church, as well as at the Fremont City Auditorium to help assist in filling sandbags and other flood relief efforts throughout the Fremont area.

The Fremont Area United Way is also accepting donations of items at First Lutheran Church with needed items including bolted water, prepackaged foods, towels, blankets, toiletries such as laundry soap, bar soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, shampoo, condition and shovels for clean up.

Monetary donations that will go to local flood relief including hotels, housing deposits, clean up and vouchers can be made by texting 41444 with the message FremontUW.

In Arlington, the Arlington Public Schools District is also seeking donations to assist in flood relief.

APS is seeking donations of clothes for boys and girls of all ages, infant to adult. Essential items such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, toothpaste, curling irons, blow dryers, soap, shampoo, conditioner, contact solution, bedding, pillows, shoes, socks, underwear, coats, gloves, hats are also needed. Non-perishable food items are also needed.

Donations can be brought to the Arlington High School entrance and dropped off inside the entrance. Doors will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. throughout the weekend. Donations will also be accepted throughout next week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

APS officials remind donors that cash, gift cards or any medications cannot be accepted.

Shelter for pets and animals of evacuees is also available at FurEver Home, Inc., located at 236 West Sixth Street as of Friday around 3 p.m.

FurEver Home’s Deb George said that the facility still had a few open spots available as of Friday afternoon and that the organization plans to open another shelter site at 2580 N. Lincoln when their facility fills up.

Those looking for shelter for their pets are asked to go to the FurEver Home facility on Sixth Street first.

Owners of large hoofed animals, such as horses, that are displaced by flooding can find available housing for their animals at Christensen Field, according to the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office.

Those who use the facilities at Christensen Field are asked to park on concrete and walk their animals into the stalls. Owners are ultimately responsible for the animals they shelter at the site.


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