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Fremont Health

An aerial view of Fremont Health. Registered dietitians at Fremont Health are presenting a free program designed to help participants focus on basic, research-backed nutrition and exercise information.

During its Monday evening meeting, the Fremont Health Board of Trustees narrowed its search for potential partners by voting to continue strategic partnership discussions with Nebraska Methodist Health System.

“This is a key milestone in this process and we are pleased to share this exciting news with our physicians, employees, and the community,” Fremont Health President and CEO Pat Booth said. “At the same time, a great deal of work lies ahead for both Fremont Health and Nebraska Methodist Health System.”

The move comes after Fremont Health’s Senior Leadership Team was asked by the board to continue the process of exploring partnerships with three medical health systems in December of 2017.

At the time, possible partners included: Nebraska Medicine, RCCH Healthcare Partners, and Nebraska Methodist Health Systems.

“This important decision comes after months of careful analysis of several proposals made by a number of premier regional and national health systems,” Booth said. “The Board of Trustees would like to thank those systems for their interest and their outstanding proposals, and would also like to acknowledge the valuable input they have received along the way.”

The process of finding a potential strategic partner began in July of 2017, when the Board of Trustees established a set of objectives that were used in the evaluation of proposals by Nebraska Methodist Health Systems and the other health systems being considered throughout the process.

According to information released by the Board of Trustees, those objectives include:

  • Continue Fremont Health’s mission of improving community health
  • Retain significant local board input into governance of Fremont Health
  • Maintain and expand key programs and services
  • Attract and retain physicians in a wide range of specialties
  • Preserve jobs locally, and provide competitive wages, benefits, and retirement plans
  • Demonstrably improve quality, safety, and high-reliability care
  • Provide fair financial consideration
  • Provide capital sufficient to support quality growth
  • Continue to provide adequate charity care in Dodge County

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Following Monday’s vote to narrow the search to Nebraska Methodist Health Systems, Booth says the process of completing the potential partnership agreement will continue over the next several months.

“Over the next several months, leaders from both organizations will work together to further refine the strategic partnership and craft the necessary agreements, and of course we will provide updates at key points along the way,” Booth said.

Once a strategic partnership agreement is complete, it will require the approval of the Board of Trustees as well as the Dodge County Board of Supervisors.



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