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The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has announced four contractor teams that will compete to complete an expressway project from Scribner to West Point.

According to NDOT, the four contractor teams will compete for the first design-build project in the state of Nebraska, which is an expressway project that will expand the existing two-lane facility to a four-lane corridor along US-275 from Scribner to West Point.

The design-build project delivery method is a new option for completing large complex road construction projects faster and more efficiently, according to information in a released statement.

The design-build option was made possible with the Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) adopted by the Nebraska Legislature in 2016.

With design-build, a contractor is selected and then collaborates early on in the process with the design team, which allows design and construction to occur concurrently.

NDOT received interest from four contractor teams, who submitted Statements of Qualifications for the project. The prospective contractor teams include:

Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (Kiewit Engineering Group Inc.; FHU Engineering; RW Engineering and Survey; FYRA Engineering; and JCG Engineering)

HcPCi (Hoffman Construction; PCiRoads, LLC; Cramer & Associates, Inc.; SRF Consulting Group; and Schemmer Associates)

Graham-Werner JV (Graham Construction; Werner Construction; WSP USA Inc.; and Olsson Associates)

Hawkins Design-Build Team (Hawkins Construction Co.; Burns McDonnell Engineering Company, Inc.; Clarkson Construction Company; Afred & Benesch Company; Constructors, Inc.; Trafcon; and JCG Land Service, Inc.)

NDOT will evaluate the qualifications and shortlist the number of candidates that will be eligible to participate in the next pahse of the procurement proecc. The shortlisted teams will then submit additional, more detailed information at that time.

According to released information, NDOT will ultimately select the best value proposal and construction of the project is scheduled to commence in 2019.

The US-275 expressway project from Scribner to West Point is already in the preliminary design work phase and some of the right-of-way has been purchased for the southern half of the project, including a bypass around Scribner.

Nebraska Department of Roads plans to construct the majority of the project using a 2+2 approach. A 2+2 highway project involves using the existing two-lanes of highway and adding two new lanes to make a four-lane divided highway.

According to information released by NDOT, the project will make progress towards completing the state’s Expressway System, and the US 275 corridor had the highest overall performance score of all the candidate projects on the Expressway System. The department added that expanding the US 275 corridor to four lanes will help support development in the area, improve connections to I-80 and 1-29, and reduce travel times.

The length of the project is approximately 25 miles and the estimated project cost is $90 million.



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