While students get to explore a variety of subjects and experiences throughout high school, one of the most important parts of their four years of learning is deciding what career they want to pursue when they graduate.

Whether students plan on continuing their education at a university or trade school or plan on entering the workforce upon graduation, getting exposure to career opportunities is an important part of the learning process.

Over the past week, local students have had ample opportunity to explore career options locally through Careerockit Week which introduces and connects a multitude of local businesses with local employers.

Students in the greater Omaha area and Fremont have been participating in the third annual Careerockit Week which is an initiative aimed at connecting local businesses and the education communities to meet current and future needs.

Careerockit is a Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce initiative to create nearly 20,000 unique student experiences for more than 20 school districts, multiple universities and nearly 140 organizations in six counties in Nebraska and Iowa. The program is implemented by the Greater Fremont Development Council and the Greater Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

Locally, students have had the opportunity to learn about a variety of Fremont businesses through facility tours and an assembly held at Fremont High School on Wednesday which featured speakers from several different businesses and organizations.

“It’s a concentrated week where we try to get as much exposure as we can for our businesses to students in the Fremont community,” Executive Director of the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce Tara Lea said. “Workforce is one of our biggest missions at the Chamber and this program really fits in perfectly to that.”

The overall program includes experiences for students in Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Pottawattamie and Washington counties in a variety of industries, spotlighting a host of careers. Locally, students experience tours of Rosenbauer Aerials, Waste Connections, Cargill and Fremont Contract Carriers.

“Fremont is blessed with a diverse industry mix offering careers for all education levels,” GFDC’s Barb Pierce said. “It is always exciting to showcase local industries during Careerockit week. Most students are surprised to learn the salary potential at our local companies, and may not have even realized these companies exist in Fremont before taking a tour.”

On Wednesday, a group of local employers presented to freshmen at Fremont High School including Shane Wimer and Jennifer McDuffee of the City of Fremont, Veronica Barinettos of RTG Medical, Matthew Mueller of First National Bank, Grant Prenzlow of Nye Health Services, Scott Givens of Audio Video Specialists, and Shae Swanson of Merritt Trailers.

Students also heard from GFDC Executive Director Garry Clark who encouraged students to start thinking about their future and potential careers.

“Ninth grade goes by really fast and adulthood comes really quickly, so it’s important that you study and that you focus on these things,” he told the students.

He also encouraged students to live fearlessly in their efforts to achieve their goals.

“All of those successful people in our community, all the businesses here, all of the most successful people that you look up and idolize, guess what they all have in common?” he asked. “That one thing is fear, fear that they have been able to overcome. All of these opportunities and ideas started with someone saying I’m not afraid.”

Careerockit week will continue on Thursday as more than 100 local students will tour Waste Connections. For more information about Careerockit visit https://careerockit.com/.