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Police News

The Fremont Police Department is alerting Fremont and area residents of two separate telephone scams.

FPD has received multiple complaints from citizens who received calls from a person claiming to be a deputy with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department.

The recipient of the call is told that they have outstanding arrest warrants that will be served unless the recipient is able to pay a sum of money specified by the caller. The recipient is instructed to purchase gift cards for a specified amount and to call a number, provided by the caller, with the gift card numbers.

These calls are scam calls and once the caller obtains the gift card numbers they access the gift cards and take the money.

Neither the Dodge County Sheriff’s Department nor the Fremont Police Department will call about an outstanding arrest warrant or instruct anyone to make any type of monetary payment in lieu of arrest. Furthermore, neither agency will ask you for your bank account information or debit/credit card numbers.

Anyone receiving a phone call of this type is encouraged to hang up on the caller and to not provide any personal information.

FPD would also like to remind citizens about scam telephone calls they may receive from persons identifying themselves as IRS employees.

Persons receiving these calls will be told they owe the IRS money due to a bogus bill or unpaid taxes. The caller will demand the bill be paid or an arrest warrant will be issued for the arrest of the person receiving the call. The caller will often use bullying tactics such as yelling or even threatening the recipient of the call if the bill is not paid.

The IRS will not call you regarding unpaid taxes without sending a bill in the mail first. Furthermore, the IRS would not demand that any unpaid taxes be paid by a wire transfer or gift cards, or ask you for debit or credit card numbers or check account information over the phone. Lastly, the IRS would not threaten an arrest.

Persons receiving these phone calls are encouraged to simply hang up and to not provide any personal information to the caller.

The location of the persons making the bogus calls are unknown and are often hard to ascertain. If you feel you have received a bogus IRS phone call you can contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) by calling 1-800-336-4484. If you have internet access you can make a report online at If you know you owe taxes or are unsure you can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and IRS workers can assist you.


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