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A long-time artist and gardener has brought her talent to Fremont with the opening of a downtown studio.

Shelly Riggs opened The Gardener at Sixth and H streets just after the new year and is so far enjoying the new location.

Riggs has had a business for a number of years, having worked out her home, a greenhouse on her farm and a studio in Arlington. She worked at Earl May for 16 years, where she gained valued knowledge, but began her career nearly 30 years ago by selling her folk art internationally.

Through it all Riggs said her family continued to press her to open her own place. Riggs said she came across the building at Sixth and H and fell in love with it because of its Old Market style and decided to open a studio.

“People don’t always get the concept of a studio, but a studio to me is a place where one person sells their own artwork,” Riggs said. “It’s kind of an interesting little conglomeration that we’re putting together here.

“I’ve always liked doing my folk art, I’ve loved doing it but my planting keeps pulling me back,” she added. “We’re just going to try to put them together and see what happens.”

Riggs said she enjoys creating and offering four-season containers for businesses and personal clients, flower beds, custom potting, as well as Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, and with fresh eggs -- even a little bit of farm produce.

Riggs said all her work is handmade and typically is inspired by nature. But that doesn’t mean The Gardener will have offerings typically found in the area.

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“I think nature is a good base for inspiration,” she said. “I like to kind of go out on a limb and plant different things.

“I always like to say for ladies who have the spike in the middle, I will change your attitude for the spike in the middle,” Riggs added. “I just like to do different planters, tropical and something that has a different look. Just not your same old container, but compatible to Nebraska.”

The Gardener is open from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. For more information visit The Gardener’s facebook page at, or call 402-216-3837.


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