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A Fremont woman is seeing a dream unfold.

Robin Pfingston had an idea about 10 years ago when she saw people and families who needed an extra hand fall through the cracks of the agencies in place.

Now, that idea is behind Uniquely Yours Stability Support, a nonprofit agency in Fremont.

Pfingston said Uniquely Yours is designed to help people and families stay in their homes when they only need a little lift to keep them from becoming homeless and to help homeless families get their own homes when something small can help.

Her favorite example of how Uniquely Yours Stability Support can help someone is outlined in the agency’s brochure.

“I will always remember the first mother that we helped,” the story in the brochure reads.

The woman was living at Care Corps with her two children.

“She was in such pain due to a dental problem that she was unable to move forward to regain her independence,” the story continued.

The Care Corps case manager working with the woman referred her to Uniquely Yours Stability Support to help her get the dental care she needed. She had several dental issues along with a slightly dislocated jaw. The day after going to see a local dentist she was already showing signs of relief.

Uniquely Yours Stability Support formed in August 2007, Pfingston said. What started as a solo venture soon broadened with a 10-member board of directors.

Now, the agency will hold its second fundraiser, a community garage sale, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at 1941 N. Main St.

Pfingston said more donations are needed for the garage sale.

“Items sold at the garage sale are all donated,” she said. “We need more items. We will take items up to the day of the event.”

Donations are tax deductible.

Anyone with items to donate to the garage sale can call Ashley Knudsen at 719-8777 to arrange to drop off those items.

“We still really need items for this,” Pfingston said.

This is a unique garage sale, she continued. No price tags will be placed on items, which will be sold for a donation.

If someone or a family need an item at the garage sale, they can get it with a free-will donation, she said.

“We’re hoping that we can help those who might not quite qualify for local services and can’t be referred to us. But we also want to make some money with this so we can help those who are referred to us. Plus, we need donations.”

Items donated are tax deductible, Pfingston said, adding the group also needs tables loaned for them to use at the garage sale.

Uniquely Yours Stability Support does not accept clients off the street. Clients must be referred from a community agency.

Currently, 19 agencies are registered with UYSS.

“Other agencies get a client to a certain point, and if they don’t have the resources to take them the additional steps, that’s where we came in,” Pfingston said. “We like to be the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Families fall through the cracks all the time. If families can’t get their obstructions addressed, it costs the community so much more. I added it up one day. What would cost $225 to keep a family from becoming homeless would cost about $4,000 in services if they become homeless.”

Even though the 48-year-old Pfingston is the executive director of Uniquely Yours, she is still only a volunteer. She works as the family life educator at Care Corps, which allows her to use office space for Uniquely Yours.

Anyone wanting more information about the agency can call Pfingston at 317-7780 or e-mail her at or Information is also available at the agency’s Web site,


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