I was reviewing the upcoming calendar of the library events because Summer Reading Program is kicking off May 23, and I realized how jam-packed our calendar is for May. I thought what a wonderful discussion for my article this week. I can highlight all the various types of activities and meetings that get held at Keene Memorial Library.

Our events just for the month of May include:

  • Ready for Kindergarten
  • After School Chess
  • SCI FI Forum
  • Tween Tech Time
  • Girl Scout Troop meeting
  • Cub Scouts Pack meeting
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Legos at the Library
  • Casa of the Midlands
  • Storytime
  • Teachers’ Book Club
  • Baby Toddler Time
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Second Saturday Bookclub
  • History of the Railroad
  • Upcycling
  • Prime Time Reading Program
  • Yoga for Everyone
  • Win It Back Tea Party meeting
  • Digital Drop In
  • Spinners Web
  • Medieval and Spanish Blues Guitar
  • – Claude Bourbon
  • Fremont Monday Morning Meetup
  • My Thoughts Writers’ Workshop
  • Senior Story Hour
  • Summer Reading Volunteer Training
  • Yoga en Espanol
  • Easterseals Nebraska meeting
  • Fremont Family Coalition

These are just individual programs and meetings, but many of them occur weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Just this month alone we have 29 different activities and meetings occurring at our library. This doesn’t even compare to what the summer months will bring with the Summer Reading Program kicking off May 23 at John C Fremont Park from 2-4 pm.

So, if anyone ever asks what the importance of the local public library is, you can refer them to our calendars to see all the activities and meetings that occur at our library every day of the week, including Sundays.

And don’t forget, just because the Fremont Area Big Give is over, doesn’t mean you can’t donate to our library expansion fund. Just go to Fremont Area Community Foundation website and click on “Give Now” and select “Keene Memorial Library Fund”. The expansion project will allow us to continue to these activities and meetings above, but also provide additional space for more activities, meetings, and classes with better technology and comfort.

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Tina Walker is Director of Keene Memorial Library in Fremont.


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