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As many of you may have read over the past six months, the library staff has been diligently working on a new platform for our website and online catalog. We have been rolling out the new website and online catalog and have had a link to the new pages available via our current homepage. Now is the time to start perusing the new site, new searches, and new platforms. The current webpage will continue to point to the old page until Sunday JANUARY 6th. On JANUARY 6th, we will move all online traffic to the website and online catalogs to the new platform.

What this means is that every webpage and the online catalog you use to search for materials will be changing. The current link to the website will simply be set to refer to the new page, so you may not have to make any changes. We do recommend that you ‘bookmark’ the new website as a direct link to the page. There are other changes as well that will be beneficial to patrons and staff:

1. A separate page for kids called the Kids’ Room – kids only resources and kid/YA only search

2. Mobile friendly layout – can run searches more smoothly on mobile devices

3. Better search functions overall – cleaner layout

4. Recent/New Material search link for quick searches

5. Entire page translation available for Spanish

6. Electronic resources searchable & downloadable directly from catalog – Overdrive

7. 100% ADA compliant website for screen reading software

These are just the highlights of the improvements you will see in the new platform. Of course, we are going to be very interested in patron feedback in regards to functionality and content of the new layout. If you see something wonky or some content that might not seem right, you can always email us at You can also call us or chat with us online through our online chat that is available on every page of the new platform.

Moving your online platform is a lot like relocating a physical store – it requires many man hours and lots of attention to details. We are all human and we might be missing something, so please feel free to pass along any concerns or questions about the new platform. Staff also is learning the new platform, so please have patience with us as we all get accustomed and comfortable with the new environment.

Again, JANUARY 6th is the day the catalog and website will be moved over to the new platform. You can access the new site at or by clicking the link on our current homepage.

Tina Walker is Director of Keene Memorial Library in Fremont.


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