It was a big investment for a young couple.

Back in 2007, the Rev. Aaron and Sara Trimble wanted to share the Gospel.

He’d had a job interview at a West Point radio station, but ended up asking what it would cost to air a broadcast.

A Sunday morning time slot had opened up recently, yet it would cost $600 a month — exactly what Trimble earned besides room and board on his parents’ farm.

Trimble took up the offer and with his wife started a 30-minute, pre-recorded broadcast.

Today, “Walk in the Light,” is broadcast not only on West Point’s KTIC AM840 radio, but also Omaha’s KCRO 660AM. Between the two stations, the broadcast is reaching multiple states and potentially thousands of listeners.

The Trimbles also said they’ve been praying about the possibility of taking the program nationwide and beyond.

Sara Trimble, who grew up in England, came to the United States years ago to volunteer in a children’s home in Alabama.

She first met her future husband, an ordained minister, at a meeting in Los Angeles in January 2004. She later returned to England where he came and asked her to marry him that December.

They married in January 2006.

For 20 months, the Trimbles lived his parents’ basement in Nebraska and he worked on the family farm. She launched a house cleaning business. Her husband kept working on the farm and was a rural mail carrier.

“We both knew we were called into ministry, but our prayer was that God would make our lives a testimony — that whatever we did in life would bring glory to him,” she said.

Aaron Trimble knew the way to reach the rural area would be through AM radio, where people already tune in to hear crop and livestock markets and weather reports.

“I knew to be strategic and reach the community and saturate the area, we have to do it through radio,” he said. “And God did it. He just opened the door and we walked through it.”

In August 2007, they started the “Walk in the Light” program, which airs beginning at 9:30 a.m. Sundays on KTIC radio in West Point.

“We had a burden to share the Gospel with people and really believed God had opened this door and we were taking a step of faith,” she said.

The Trimbles lived with his parents and off of her wages. They had no children at that time and few expenses.

As part of their step of faith, she would learn how to create, record, edit and produce a radio program.

“I basically taught myself how to put all this together,” she said.

At first, he spoke for one half of the program and she for the other.

They’d speak on a myriad of topics, including the “Parable of the Sower,” suffering and healing. They might talk about one of the Psalms.

“When we started out, we would just come up with whatever God would put on our hearts for that week and go from there,” she said.

Time passed and the couple started a church called West Point Family Worship Center in January 2011.

She then would edit programs from his Sunday morning sermons, adding her thoughts at the beginning and end of the segment.

“That’s pretty much what we’ve done ever since,” she said.

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In the beginning, Aaron Trimble said his wife would put in almost 22 hours a week building the format, while he was busy being a pastor and working three jobs.

“It’s her baby; the accolades go to Sara,” he said. “That’s the story that’s not being told — that a pastor’s wife in the corner of a house, working in an editing suite can reach the world. … I can see how God gifted her with the ability to sit and edit these things and then impart her wisdom. She’s a Godly woman.”

The Trimbles would receive positive feedback about the broadcasts.

“We’ve had a number of instances where people have really felt a connection with us through the radio program,” she said. “They’ve visited the church and they keep in touch and have become good friends of ours.”

She notes that an older man from Vermillion, S.D., called, saying he was using the dial on an old radio when he came across their program.

“He said he’d never heard preaching like that for 30 years and he was so blessed by the program,” she said. “Now, he listens every week and keeps in touch with us so we’ve built quite a relationship there.”

Another man from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, heard the broadcast and drove 90 minutes to visit their church.

The Trimbles have been out in their community, when they’ve been approached by people who recognize her voice.

“We may never get to meet some of the people who listen or there will be a lot of people who would never step foot inside our church, but we know they listen faithfully every week,” she said. “Aaron will have people say to him that he’s their ‘Harvest Pastor.’ When they’re out in the field during planting or harvest time and can’t go to their own church, they’ll tune him in and listen and get fed (spiritually) that way.”

In January 2017, the Trimbles’ program began airing on KCRO, which has given it coverage in Omaha, Lincoln and Sioux City.

The Omaha broadcast is at 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays and 4 p.m. Saturdays.

More listeners have come with the increased coverage.

“I know the one (radio station) in West Point does have a six-state area that it reaches. In Omaha, they say they have an excess of 100,000 listeners each week,” Sara Trimble said.

With the increased coverage has come more feedback. Trimble tells about a woman who said she heard the broadcast while driving her car. The woman pulled over into a parking lot and rededicated her life to Christ.

“In the Lincoln and Omaha correctional facilities, we’ve had some prisoners write in and share how they’ve been blessed and ministered to through the programs,” she said.

“It’s been a fruitful ministry,” she added. “God’s opened the door and we were wanting to be used and he used us. And he’s keeping it going and opening more doors.”

The Trimbles have been encouraged to take the program to the national level and go on more radio stations — and perhaps even through satellite radio — go around the world.

“That’s something we’re praying about and looking into — that we might take this further afield,” she said.

In the meantime, about 70 people attend Sunday morning services at their church.

Would-be sermon listeners also can hear Trimble’s most recent sermon at https://www.wpfamilyworship.com

The Trimbles also have a growing family that includes three daughters and a son. And they’re expecting another son in less than two weeks.

“We’re excited about that,” she said.

And they’re excited about more opportunities to spread the Gospel.

“All we live for is to tell people about Jesus,” he said. “And we know that in the end that’s the only thing that really matters on this earth — to tell the world about Jesus Christ and his love and grace and saving power.”

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