Residents of Winslow can now apply to get their house appraised to decide what they want to do with their home in the aftermath of the March flooding.

In a meeting held Thursday night, village board member Shawn Kotik said that although the village wasn’t sure whether or not reallocation would be an option yet, residents could fill out state applications to get their house appraised within the next couple weeks.

“With these forms, take them home, whatever you’d like to do, but get them back to us as soon as possible,” he said. “The sooner you get them back to us, the sooner the appraiser will get your property done.”

Kotik said the appraising process will come in two waves. The first round will consist of households who turned in applications early, within about a week, he said. The next round will be for anyone who takes longer to turn them in.

After the appraisal, residents can decide if they want to take a buyout of the house, keep it or potentially reallocate. If a resident chooses to buyout, they will receive another application from the state to fill out to receive a check. Kotik said mitigation is still on the table for residents who want that.

Winslow residents who are renting houses can receive living assistance and rental assistance for relocation from FEMA. Renters can receive up to $1,200 a month for the next few years as long as they apply every three months, Kotik said.

Kotik also said the city has hired JEO Consulting to inspect the streets and water mains.

“We don’t know for sure if this plan’s going to work, but they’re going to be walking around town, scrunching the numbers and getting the information we need to repair,” he said.

Residents who fill out an application can turn it in by giving it to any of the village board members, Kotik said.

“It’s still a long process down the road and we don’t know what else is going to happen,” he said. “We don’t know if we’ll have any properties moved out of town or not, but the process has to begin here.”

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