The Avenue of Flags is a time honored tradition in the Fremont community.

During patriotic holidays throughout each year, more than 350 flags once draped over the caskets of military personnel and veterans are flown along Military Avenue.

As Fremont residents enjoy the site of the old red, white and blue waving throughout the city over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, just a few miles south another Avenue of Flags is also flying to pay tribute to veteran’s service and sacrifice to the country.

“I always thought that flying those flags along Military was appropriate and just so nice, and so we thought it would look really good to have something similar coming down the entryway to Woodcliff,” Dave Langenfeld, retired Air Force sergeant and longtime Woodcliff Lakes resident, said.

Thanks to a recently formed veteran’s club at Woodcliff Lakes, the private lake community now features its very own Avenue of Flags which includes a total of 76 flags which fly along County Road W leading into the community as well as around the Woodcliff Community Center.

The project, as well as the veteran’s club, was started by retired army colonel Carol Pasco along with the help of Langfeld and many other Woodcliff residents who contributed to fundraisers and sponsored the flags along the avenue.

Pasco first had the idea of creating a veteran’s club at Woodcliff several years ago, which was actualized last fall when the unofficial group held its first meeting.

According to Pasco, the purpose of establishing a veteran’s club is to promote, preserve and strengthen comradeship of veterans and their families and to assist in worthy causes of the Woodcliff community by perpetuating the core values of service.

“We actively engage in and support initiatives that benefit the veteran and affect the overall wellbeing of our community,” she said.

The group’s first project since forming last fall was to create their very own Avenue of Flags.

And it took a lot of work.

The Avenue of Flags project involved lining the entrance to the community with forty 20-foot telescoping flagpoles. Each pole flies a 4 by 6 foot flag and contains a light for flag display after sunset.

Each pole is sponsored by a resident of the Woodcliff community and contains a plaque with a veteran’s name, rank and the war or campaign he or she served in.

“We’ve had a great response and support from the community,” Langenfeld said.

So much support, that the project was extended from just raising flags along the community’s entryway, to also putting up more than 20 more poles around the Woodcliff Community Center.

“We do have more people interested, but we’re trying to figure out where we would put them,” she said.

In addition to the many American flags that greet Woodcliff residents and visitors as they enter the community, there are also 5 branches of service flags featured prominently at the entrance. Each branch of service flag pole displays a plaque to designate each branch and the date it was established.

The Woodcliff Avenue of Flags will be displayed four times a year including memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Veterans Days.

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