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GRAPHIC - Leeanna Ellis

The Top 12 Idol contestants have been revealed. Not among this talented group of singers -- indie artist Lilly Scott.

The elimination came down to Lilly and 17-year-old Katie Stevens. Two complete opposites. Lilly definitely knows who she is as an artist. Katie has yet to find her niche. I would have thought Katie was going home. It seemed like a no-brainer. Why would they put her with Lilly. To me, it made it obvious Katie was going home. I should have known better. Idol producers live for that shock value. Much like when Daughtry was sent packing in favor of Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin.

Lilly joins Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert on the trip home. I sort of expected Alex could be among those eliminated. I thought maybe Todrick had saved himself. Katelyn just picked the wrong song as did Lilly. Alex, even with a good performance, just had no personality. That's kind of important.

The Top 12 have a lot to prove. They better bring it because the first theme week features the music of The Rolling Stones. That's some big shoes to fill. Let's hope they can amaze us.


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Dan J:

I cannot believe that Lilly went home. Her singing, her presentation, her personality--all stronger and better than half the female singers who stayed. Very messed up situation.


I think Idol is rigged...Lilly was definitely the better of the two...and probably one of the best on that show...I will not be watching anymore..Lilly was definitely the best..if she comes out with a cd after this i will definitely be buying it..thank you Lilly i enjoyed watching idol because of you

It really pissed me off that Lilly and Katelyn both got sent home. That Didi Benime or whatever, has about as much talent as I do. And Lacey Brown went through as did that 16 year old Katie. You got to be kidding me. And yes I did vote for both the other girls. Idol voters have to be retarded to have let those two (Lilly and Katelyn) not get through. Oh well now the only real competition between the girls is Crystal and Siphion (don't know how to spell it but u know who I mean). The other 4 girls will go before them. I guarantee.

Lilly Scott is out. The premise of this "competition" is that you, (the viewing audience) needs to pick up the phone, dial a number and vote for their contestant of choice. Did millions of people pick the only number NOT busy this week just to get their vote registered? Apathy? Don't own a phone? WOW! Too bad that real talent has to go packing!!

Idol Expert:
Big shocker. Lilly Scott was one of my top three girls. She's unique and has a self-awareness that is so lacking in Katie Stevens. Lilly's song choice this week was probably her downfall even though I liked it. I'll miss you Lilly.

As for the other three who left last night, I guess Katelyn's dismissal would be the other one that maybe caught me off guard. Just by taking the last three weeks of Katelyn and Lacey, I definitely would have sent Lacey home.

As for the boys, I guess America heard Todrick's very weak Queen performance as I did and sent him packing. And I think everyone did a big favor for mullet boy when they said see ya later. He's just not ready.

Rolling Stones week will be oh so very interesting. Talk about song selection and choosing the right one. Yikes. I'm expecting a 'crash and burn' night for quite a few of the remaining 12.

Never could understand why people were so shocked over Daughtry being eliminated, he had been in the bottom three most weeks. He was really hyped though since he signed with 19E and some others did not.
Real snooze fest this year.

Are you kidding me? Lily may have had her own style and had a few good weeks, but her performance this week was completely forgettable. Bad song, boring performance.

You need to nail it each week if you want to survive on idol.

JJ Morgan:
They got the girls wrong, and the guys right..
Hmm..Stones..Big Mike doing Tumbling Dice? Andrew doing Angie? Crystal doing Aint' To Proud to Beg?

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