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A recent Scribner, Nebraska city council meeting pertaining to an illegal immigration ordinance brought out an array of voices -- Scribner residents in support of the proposal and protesters from outside the boundaries of Scribner opposing the immigration ordinance.

Lawyers from the ACLU and the Immigration Legal Center claimed the ordinance would yield unfair discrimination against Hispanics and people of color and would paint Nebraska as racist.

Protesters compared the ordinance to "Nazi Germany," because of how it required individuals to provide proof of citizenship and would make Scribner residents look "ignorant and narrow-minded."

Local Scribner residents took offense at accusations of racism arguing that their community is welcome to all immigrants that live here "legally."

Those who support open borders, ignore federal immigration laws, and turn a blind eye to those entering the U.S. illegally need to be challenged.

For them to brand and community that simply wants to enforce immigration laws as racist and ignorant people is pure lunacy.

The people of Scribner, as Americans, you have the sovereign right to specify the terms and conditions for granting entry to your community by illegal aliens.

Immigration policies should serve the interests of the American people and of the nation -- they should not be viewed as acts of charity to the world.

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Putting America first should be a rational goal for all Americans.

Robert L. Warner



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