Letter: A letter from a kid's point of view
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Letter: A letter from a kid's point of view


A letter from a kid’s point of view

This is a letter that I wrote as one who has been involved in many aspects of youth activities over many years. I have passed it on many times hoping to make sure we are supporting our kids in what is important. I took the tears in their eyes, the bowed heads and even their angry words and put them together into this letter. This is for all the kids who couldn’t put their feelings into words. It is called:

Dear Mom, Dad and Coach,

I know you want the best for me and in some cases to give me opportunities you didn’t or couldn’t have when you were my age.

I am part of you but I am not you. Remember what you were like at my age and what you could do then. Why do you judge my abilities and play by what you know and can do now?

Please don’t spend so much time criticizing. Let’s all work together to make my experiences fun and memorable. You are always concerned about our record and how many games we have won.

How come you never talk to me about the fun I had today or what I learned? I would even like it, very much, if you would notice how much I am improving or the good play I made today.

I really like it when you support and cheer for me and the team. I just wanted you to know that I was so embarrassed during our last game at the way you were acting and the things you were saying about others and even the umpires. I make mistakes and so do my friends. Maybe someday, I will be as good as you. Would you be upset with me if I didn’t play next year?

Remember all the teaching and learning moments that we can all share and enjoy in life. Evaluate all aspects of appropriate attitudes and behaviors. Show our youth that we truly support and love them in all situations and activities and just maybe they will have the desire to continue to play next year.

Ruth Register



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