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One comment we hear most often is "I don't want to know if I'm to have Alzheimer's." That is why research is so important. Studies by University of California and others report 1 out of 6 women whereas 1 out of 11 men will get Alzheimer's. It is projected 1 out of 8 Baby Boomers will have Alzheimer's by 2025. People ask what is Alzheimer's. It is plaque that builds up in the brain causing loss of memory, speech, and bodily functions, eventually death. About 37,000 Nebraskans have Alzheimer's. It is the sixth cause of death nationally.

It is said by doctors that we have learned more in Alzheimer's research in the last five years as compared to the previous 50 years. Dr. Petersen of the Mayo Clinic says, "If we catch Alzheimer's early enough with new medicines we can delay its progress in terms of years."

Your local independent Fremont Area Alzheimer's Collaboration is a component fund of Fremont Area Community Foundation, 1005 East 23rd. Our goal is: 1.) Make the public aware of Alzheimer's. 2.) Caregiver education. 3.) Get involved in supporting research.

Forty percent of funds raised is used for Caregiver Education and Programming in the Fremont area while 60 percent is earmarked for grants to institutions doing cutting edge research in Alzheimer's. We are currently involved in three studies with University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Marv Welstead

Honorary Chairperson of Fremont Area Alzheimer's Collaboration


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