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Last Sunday, somebody stole my American flag and flagpole off the front deck of our house. Somebody felt that they had the right to walk 25 feet onto private property to take it as their own.

I am honorably retired from 20 years in active duty Army and Navy and I am a combat actions veteran, therefore, I have proudly flown my flag daily, for the last 13 months since moving back to Fremont. My neighbor's flag, thankfully was not taken.

Although I only spent $30 on my flag and pole, it is the act of trespass and theft of property that has me angered at the perpetrator. If they truly needed an American flag, I and many other veterans would have gladly found one for them.

My only desire, if they will not return my flag, is that they fly it proudly on their own property and to not destroy it.

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A sincere thank you to the Fremont police officer who quickly came to the house to take the report. Any future would-be thieves should be aware that there will be two motion activated, night vision video cameras recording them.

David "Doc" Craig, HM1 USN Retired



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