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Last month after our meetings in Lincoln and Omaha titled “Who’s Watching Nebraska’s Waters,” there was a rebuttal article circulated from our interim city administrator accusing our presenters’ information of being myths.

For over a year now we have listened to statement after statement on the positive facts of this project. Our questions have never been honestly answered from Fremont or Lincoln Premium Poultry.

The question is where are you getting your facts? There are no citations listed in the rebuttal article. I know the base facts were given out by a consulting firm that was hired by the city. Were they facts or estimations?

We have cited articles from universities across the Midwest that counter their claims. Where are their citations? At our recent meetings the number of pounds of manure annually were discussed. Our number was called a myth.

Our calculations came from a formula used by Midwest Plan Services Waste Characteristics to measure animal waste production. (mwps-18) Where is the citation for their calculations?

When we talk about excess amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus leeching into our water ways they say myth. Our cited materials, from universities, scientific organizations and engineering firms, all show that it does happen and happens at devastating levels. Our data is called myth. Where are their cited facts?

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When we talk about E Coli, Listeria, Salmonella and other human pathogens entering the waterways and drinking water our concerns are again called myths. John Hopkins doesn’t call it a myth. Where are their citations that says it won’t?

One fact that is not a myth is that a very large, out-of-state, corporation wants to come and mine our resources and make the people of Fremont pay the butcher’s bill at the end.

Randy Ruppert



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