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One more time – If you attended the June 26 City Council meeting and left without answers regarding the “high density” apartment, row homes and mixed-use housing being imposed on the East Military corridor near the Fremont Middle School – please return.

Several key issues surrounding this subdivision were booted to the July 10 Council meeting, leaving many unanswered questions and lingering concerns over student safety, pedestrian overhead walkways, school traffic, neighborhood property values, taxpayer-funded infrastructure, traffic studies that recommend street widening, stop lights, round-a-bouts, drainage and area flooding, and potential reductions in required “Open Space”. Since these items were not fully aired at the June 26 meeting, your attendance at the July 10 Council meeting is a necessity again; the room was packed last time and it needs to be again.

Protection of the public’s health, safety and the general welfare of the community are on the line. Changes in the rules governing Open Space will adversely impact the character and quality of this, and future, neighborhoods. Roof tops and concrete alone don’t provide “affordable/quality living” or attractive and inviting green spaces and play areas. Buildings and concrete parking lots are impervious areas that add to drainage/flooding problems that already plague the area. The staff should be reporting on traffic and drainage study results before final plat approval.

Area residents need to press the Council to give serious consideration to the public’s concerns and ensure that a thorough assessment of the traffic and water drainage studies was performed. If you have traffic or flooding concerns as your priority, you need to be present at this next meeting prepared to react to the staff’s assessment.

Please fill the room one more time to show your support and/or make your voices heard before the Council decides whether to approve SunRidge’s “final” plat, to fast-track the request for partial annexation of the subdivision, and make critical decisions on whether to “preserve and require” rather than “relax” "Open Space” requirements.

Mark your calendars – attend the Council meeting in force July 10, 7 p.m., 400 E. Military. Bring your neighbor, fill some seats again and be heard!

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Brad Yerger 



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