City Officials are governed by a Code of Conduct Ordinance. Its existence indicates an obligation to proper conduct befitting an official. There’s an expectation that the code will be enforced by those who are sworn to oversight.

There is a Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission complaint naming Brian Newton, a tort claim, and an internal investigation into his behavior.

The Code is in an ordinance; it’s the law. If an ordinance governing city officials isn’t enforced by city officials, what can you possibly do as a mayor or council that has any meaning?

The City of Fremont hired Baird Holm Law Firm to investigate the City Administrator, Brian Newton. This investigation cost Fremont $4,616.50.

The investigator made these specific findings against Mr. Newton:

1. He engaged in behavior found to be inappropriate by the NEOC.

2. He engaged in conduct that constitutes self-dealing.

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3. He withheld public information from the public.

4. He attempted to cover up his conduct from the Investigator who concluded, “Newton presented himself as the least credible witness. He fails to recognize any deficiencies or to self-reflect in any way. He explained away all the concerns presented and attempted to paint a picture contrary to all witnesses. Based upon responses, the greatest concern was whether he will be able, even with counseling and guidance, to make changes in his behavior.”

The mayor and some current council members know the public was told Mr. Newton was away from his office on vacation. This wasn’t the truth. Mr. Newton was on administrative leave, but the public wasn’t informed of this fact.

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Today, Brian Newton remains the City Administrator even though the city’s own investigator found he was untruthful and committed repeated acts in violation of Fremont’s Code of Conduct.

I’m asking the council to live out their creed and the creed of our City’s Code of Conduct Ordinance. We can have a good City Administrator but not until we get rid of the current one. Brian Newton scoffs at the law, tries to manipulate the facts, and apparently has succeeded at manipulating some of the city council members.

John Wiegert



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