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An issue that most politicians appear to agree on is property tax relief. I am sure I would be in favor of that issue if I had an to pay property tax on a nine-story blue building taking up the best part of a city block in Omaha.

Since I have a modest affordable residence on a tiny fraction of a city block I think it is more important to eliminate the sales tax. The sales tax is regressive, the less well-to-do pay the tax on all they make, plus what they borrow to spend. On the other hand the well-to-do spend some of what they make and the rest... tell me, what is a tax shelter?

Nebraska would be a "Nicer" place if we could all resist the urge to con someone else into paying our taxes, a la Omaha's restaurant tax. If my palatial estate was worth millions I should pay a fair share, if I had a hundred thousand dollar home I should pay a fair share, and if I were homeless would you expect me to subsidize your excess.

Stephen Lucas

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