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The 3rd and final reading of the ordinance rezoning the land adjacent to the Middle School will be on Tuesday the 27th. So far Mark Legband, Steve Landholm, Mike Kuhns, Scott Schaller, and John Anderson have refused to listen to the majority of citizens opposed to the convenience store at this location. The mayor is using all of his power to ram this through the process.

At this point the only thing I can think of that will stop this threat to the students of Fremont is an overwhelming show of opposition. Please take the time to contact the above and let them know that you are opposed. Please attend the City Council meeting and voice your opposition. So far well over 250 individuals have signed the petition against the c-store and only 3 people, all paid by Don Peterson have appeared in favor. Every other speaker, and there have been dozens, is opposed and the above so called representatives have not listened to them.

If we can't get them to do the right thing and use common sense you will soon see a 150 foot high brightly lit sign next to the KHUB antenna on east Military trying to lure cars off the four lane. You will see large groups of middle school kids congregated in the parking lot doing who knows what kind of mischief. You will soon be reading about another child hit by a car and injured or worse going to or from school. And in a year or so when DPA cannot sell the lots next to the c-store you will see more commercial development in an area currently composed of churches, schools, parks, and Day Acres. It will be a bit of east 23rd St dropped into a neighborhood where it doesn't belong.

Don Peterson will not be hurt if the development is stopped, only the citizens of Fremont. There are many places where another c-store would be appropriate. Please help me stop this before its too late.

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Alan Fanning



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