My Aug. 17, 2019, Fremont Tribune has an editorial, "Congress delegation gets it right: Time to approve USMCA."

Why hasn't our U.S. Senators ratified USMCA? Last year we had 15,000 undocumented immigrants and this year we have 150,000 so we have one thousand percent increase with this new and improved USMCA.

Why include the House of Representatives if you are not mooching more tax dollars under our Republican President? Article one, section seven of our U.S. Constitution requires that all bills for raising revenues shall originate in the House of Representatives. Since USMCA is such an excellent art of negotiation why doesn't my/our Senators ratify USMCA so it can advance to Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives so the House of Representatives can make adjustments by way of amendments and send it back to the Senate and to the President for them to sign on to these amendments before any of our tax dollars are committed.

My question for my/our Senators is: Does NAFTA and USMCA dispense or spend my/our tax dollars in the form of grants so these agencies do not have to report back to us citizens, therefore allowing insiders at Congress to buy and sell with insider information which is supposed to be criminal acts of behavior and is supposed to be illegal or whatever you call it.

So, my opinion is that since the Editorial used the word, "enact," I interpret it to mean legislation including tax dollars. I strongly expect accountability and integrity from all Americans and any foreigner wanting my money or my tax dollars. 

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Why shouldn't my/our Senate ratify USMCA? What is the holdup? Is this good conversation to ask for campaign donations and if so, is this a form of selling your vote, which is supposed to be illegal.

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Is the Editorial Board of the Journal Star aware that our Congress is two separate bodies that have a right to work together or not?

Just thinking about our future.

Larry Marvin



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