It appears investors are taking over the "bring back the family farm" to put up barns for Costco-Lincoln Premium Poultry Processing Plant. A North Carolina group of investors plans to put up 12 barns near Cedar Bluffs. There are other barns being planned by investors, not families. In today's Tribune is the article about the request in Lancaster County for 190,000 chicken operation by Randy Essink who even says he spent 2 years looking for property to buy to meet Costco's requirements and he's not a farmer.

When a lot of this Costco business finally got out in public, I attended many of the City Council meetings held at Christensen Field. It was emphasized that this would be a way for family farms to bring their adult children back to the farm, the labor force was already here within 45 miles (I believe) radius of Fremont not to mention the barns would be within a small radius also, private landowners would be the suppliers of these barns.

At one of those meetings I read a quote from Winston Church, "In war-time, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Some people took offense at this. As things progress with the processing plant and growing barns, information seems to be coming to light indicating we were not exactly told the truth shall we say.

Brenda Ray

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