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Where are the opinions of all the Chambers of Commerce and Community Clubs?

My opinion is that fairness and responsibility is lacking in our state government concerning sales taxes not being paid by out of state vendors or corporations. I am too small of a business, as a landlord, to continue to pay dues to the Chamber, but I do support my community, state, and federal government with taxes and opinions.

We have so much good to be proud of, but my Fremont Tribune article by Don Walton on page A4 of July 31, 2018, I understand that my/our state government is going to forfeit $30 million dollars of sales taxes. Is this laziness or corruption? Who benefits from this laziness or corruption?

My opinion is why should we cut $17 million dollars from the university, while being too lazy to collect the estimated $30 million dollars of unpaid taxes.

Do our numerous Chambers of Commerce have formulas of one dollar spent locally, showing how it multiplies 3-to-5 times within our local economy? Just the 17 million dollars cut from the university is: 15 percent income tax is $2.5 million dollars of future income taxes, or total forfeiture is $4.5 million dollars. So with the multiplier of 3 we lose $7.5 million income taxes from the university and $13.5 million dollars state total or more. Then when we look at local sales tax from university spenders of $1.19 million or $2.1 million statewide is $6.3 and $3.57 million dollars of hypothetical additional loss of sales tax income to fund our state government.

If ranchers want tax cuts, we need to ask ourselves why we are so silent at a $30 million dollar give-away or forfeiture to non-Nebraskans. So, is it laziness or corruption and who is representing me/you?

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Just thinking about our future.

Larry Marvin



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